The 10 Best Damascus Chef Knife Reviews | Buying Guide 2023!

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As home cooks, we always look for reliable and high-quality kitchen tools. And when it comes to knives, we really do not want to cut corners. The regular knives are great and all, but they lack the enchanted edge that the Damascus steel versions have. And the edge is not the only thing that these can offer.

The best Damascus chef knife will have a reasonably higher level of durability, the patterns on the steel will be eye-catching, and the sharpness will be considerably high. There is nothing else required to bring the real passion for cooking out of a home cook other than these.

Additionally, these are considered all-purpose knives, which means these knives would be ideal for all types of cutting tasks. Now, that is something that the average versions can not offer.

Benefits of Damascus Chef Knives

Before we get into the reviews, we would like to ensure that you do know a bit about the Damascus knives and all the things that these have to offer. And these are things that make them stand out the most:


One of the things that make the Damascus knives stand out is durability. Due to having multiple layers of steel, these achieve a higher level of durability. And with a higher level of durability, a longer lifespan is pretty imminent. For that reason, these would be able to last for a long amount of time without showing any issues.


Another thing these achieve, thanks to having multiple layers of steel, is a higher level of sharpness. The higher level of sharpness will make it easier to work with different cutting tasks. Additionally, most of them hold the ability to retain the edge for a long amount of time. So, you will not have to resharpen them that often.


We could not forget the fact that these are highly flexible. The level of elasticity is reasonably high for these. And this level of elasticity will make it easier to carry out most of the chopping and slicing tasks. Also, the flexibility will also do a proper job in increasing the overall endurance of the steel.

10 Best Damascus Chef Knife

As you might have guessed, there are a plethora of options available in the market. And not all of them would live up to the expectation that you might have about these types of knives. To make sure that you do get a well-performing one, we have tested the top-rated offerings. And these performed the best:

1. DALSTRONG10.25″ – Shogun Series X 


So, what makes one of these worth getting? Well, if you ask us, our answer would be good build quality. And this offering from DALSTRONG manages to excel in that regard.

The materials that the manufacturer has opted for are all high in quality. Such a combination of high-quality materials makes it achieve a superior build quality. Even the handle of this one is of G10 material, which makes it achieve a long lifespan.

In addition to that, the handle features an ergonomic design. For the design, it will be pretty much comfortable for you to hold it and work on cutting tasks for a long amount of time. Also, the spine of the blade is hand-polished. That polishing makes the blade easier to handle around.

The blade is highly capable of retaining the edge as well. And it achieves that capability thanks to utilizing 66 layers of high carbon stainless steel. Also, the tapering on the blade is precise as well.

  • Boasts a superior build quality
  • Handle is of durable material
  • Features an ergonomic design
  • The spine is hand-polished
  • Capable of retaining the edge for a long amount of time
  • Sharpness level is not that high
  • Does not have any non-slip coating on the handle

2. Zelite Infinity 8 Inch


One of the things we prioritized to select the best Damascus steel chef knives is the sharpness. And this is one of the offerings that has surely amazed us in terms of that. We are sure it will amaze you as well.

Unlike some of the other offerings, this one has a hand-sharpened blade. That means the blade is going to arrive with a higher level of sharpness. And the edge it offers is 12 degrees, which is going to make slicing meat, chicken, and other foods an easy task.

Aside from the sharpness, the overall construction of the blade is pretty solid. It is of 67 different layers of AUS-10 stainless steel. That material is well known for being highly durable, and the same thing can be noticed here.

On that note, the handle has an ergonomic design. For that design, dicing and mincing will become an effortless job. Also, the design can minimize wrist tension. So, you can work for a long amount of time without facing any discomfort.

  • Exceptionally sharp
  • Offers a 12 degree angled edge
  • Overall construction is pretty solid
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle
  • Comfortable to hold onto
  • The blade is not balanced
  • A bit on the heavier side

3. FANTECK 8 Inch Professional


On the lookout for something that is not only sharp but also highly comfortable to hold onto? Well, this offering, FANTECK, is the right pick for you then!

Allow us to first talk about the sharpness. The blade features a V-sharp edge. This edge is hand-sharpened to about 10 to 15 degrees on each side. For having such an angled edge, making it go through different foods will be an effortless task.

Talking of which, it is of 67 different layers of VG-10 stainless steel. The level of Rockwell hardness that the steel has is 62+. So, you can only guess how durable the blade is going to be. And thanks to the nitrogen cooling, it achieves a cool pattern on the exterior, which will surely make it stand out.

Apart from that, the thing that makes it highly comfortable is the handle. The handle sports an ergonomic shape and is of G10 material. So, it will be capable of offering a higher level of comfort and control.

  • Features a V-sharp edge
  • The edge is angled to 10 to 15 degrees
  • Exceptionally sharp
  • Made of 67 different layers of steel
  • Boasts a Rockwell hardness of 62+
  • Not that resistant to microchipping
  • Can not hold the edge for a long amount of time

4. Best Damascus Chef Knife-KYOKU Daimyo Series


Although there are plenty of options available in the market, there are not that many that can compete with this offering of KYOKU when it comes to durability.

As we have mentioned, the unit is reasonably durable. The blade features a construction of VG-10 steel. And this material is well known for offering a higher level of durability. In fact, it can beat some other steels in terms of sturdiness. So, you can expect to get extended use out of the knife.

Apart from being durable, the blade is reasonably sharp as well. The cutting core is at 58-60 HRC. That makes it achieve a superior level of sharpness. Cutting dense meats will not take that much effort. And thanks to the liquid nitrogen treatment, it achieves a higher level of flexibility.

Additionally, the nitrogen treatment makes it highly capable of resisting rust and corrosion. And it makes it achieve a beautiful pattern on the surface.

  • Considerably durable
  • Relatively sharp
  • Highly flexible
  • Can resist rust and corrosion
  • Features a beautiful pattern
  • Not capable of holding the edge for a long amount of time
  • Some of the units have a very faded pattern

5. FANTECK Professional Damascus


Getting extra things is always a plus point in our books. And FANTECK did keep people like us in their consideration. That is why they have included extra stuff with this unit.

The package bundles with a mini sharpener. That will enable you to resharpen the blade when it gets dull. Also, you will find a sheath inside the box. That sheath will make it easier to store it safely.

Other than that, the handle of this one is pretty comfortable to hold onto. And it achieves that trait for having an ergonomic design. The G10 material also offers a grippier texture, which will offer a higher level of control. And the material makes the handle long-lasting as well.

Aside from that, the blade is of VG-10 material. There are 67 different layers of this material on the blade. This overall construction ensures a higher level of durability and enhances the stain resistance capability of the unit.

  • Bundles with a mini sharpener
  • The blade can resist stains
  • Includes a sheath
  • Handle is comfortable
  • Offers a good level of control
  • Not properly balanced
  • The sharpness level is not that high

6. Four Mogils SMOKED Series Damascus Knife


Even though there are a large number of high-performing knives, there are only a few that are easier to store. And this one from Four Moglis is one of those few.

So, what makes it easier to store? Well, it bundles with a bamboo storage box. The box can be used to properly hold the knife. And for this box, it will be pretty easy to store and carry the knife around.

Additionally, the unit has the right balance between the handle and the blade. For offering this superior level of balance, it should be capable of providing a higher level of control. Also, the blade is highly resistant to moisture. That means it would be capable of resisting rust.

The sharpness level of the blade is reasonably high too. It can go through most of the food items without showing any issues. Also, the blade is of 67 layers of steel, which makes it highly durable.

  • Includes a storage box
  • Offers the right balance
  • Flaunts a great level of control
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Exceptionally sharp
  • The handle is not that comfortable

7. Enso SG2 Chef’s Knife


Is the durability of the knives we are reviewing not impressing you? Well, if that is the case, you should keep this one in your consideration.

Wondering what makes it highly durable? Well, the number of layers on the blade would be the direct answer to that. There are 101 layers of stainless steel. And it has an SG2 steel core. For that reason, you can expect it to last for a good amount of time.

Apart from being highly durable, the handle has a proper balance. It features an eye-catching outlook, which will make the knife stand out. Also, the handle features a proper design, making it highly comfortable to hold onto.

Thanks to the double-bevel edge, it should be ideal for both left and right hands. Also, the blade angle is 12 degrees, making it reasonably sharper than most of the average units. So, it will be pretty easy for you to carry out most of the slicing and cutting tasks.

  • Packs 101 layers of steel
  • Boasts an SG2 steel core
  • Reasonably durable
  • The handle has a proper design
  • Sports a double-bevel design
  • Some of the packages might ship with a dull blade

8. MIKARTO Professional Grade


One of the things that most of the manufacturers are going to skimp on is the overall aesthetics of the knife. Well, the same thing can not be said for this one that is being offered by MIKARTO.

To start with, it has an eye-catching hammered finish. And as it went through the nitrogen treatment, the pattern on the blade is proper as well. Also, the handle has a sleek color coating, which will make the unit stand out the most.

In addition to having good overall aesthetics, the unit is highly comfortable as well. Basically, the ergonomic handle makes it have that trait. It can also offer a good amount of clearance for the knuckle. Also, as the handle is of G10 material, you can expect it to last for an extended amount of time.

On that note, the blade is not that far behind in terms of durability. The 66 layers of steel make it achieve 62+ Rockwell hardness level. Also, because of being made of carbon steel, it can resist corrosion and rust exceptionally well.

  • Looks aesthetically pleasing
  • Considerably durable
  • Can resist corrosion and rust
  • The handle is of sturdy material
  • Offers a good amount of knuckle clearance
  • Some of the units might arrive with damaged blades
  • Has an average level of sharpness

9. Master Maison Executive Chef Knife


While going through the reviews, you might want to get the best Damascus knife set. Well, in that case, you should check out what Master Maison is offering here.

The package includes three different things other than the knife itself. One is a cleaning cloth, which can act as a sheath to store the knife on top of the countertop. The others are two different sharpening rocks. These two will make resharpening the blade easy.

Talking of which, it utilizes AUS-10 steel for the blade. This material has a pretty high level of durability. So, the unit should have a long lifespan. Also, the material makes the blade achieve a higher level of sharpness.

The handle of the unit has the right amount of balance. Also, as it has an ergonomic shape, it should be capable of offering a comfortable holding experience. You should get proper control over each of your movements.

  • Includes a cleaning cloth
  • Bundles with two sharpening rocks
  • Made of AUS-10 steel
  • Handle has the right level of balance
  • Highly durable
  • The pattern on the steel seems a bit off
  • Not capable of retaining the edge for a long amount of time

10.  Ytuomzi Japanese Chefs Knife


Most of the Damascus knives are capable of resisting rust and corrosion. Butnot all can resist stains and discoloration. However, this one from Ytuoziis different in that regard.

Let us first talk about the overall construction of the unit. The blade is of high-quality steel. It has a Rockwell hardness of 60+, which is a respectable score. Also, it is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. And as it can resist discoloration and stains, you can expect the looks to last for a long amount of time.

Other than the overall construction, the unit excels in terms of sharpness as well. The angle of the edges is 16 degrees, making them razor-sharp. And for the level of sharpness the blade has, you should be able to easily go through most of the food items.

Additionally, the handle of this one is also ergonomic. The ergonomic nature will make it comfortable for you to hold onto. And as it is of G10 material, it should last for a long time too.

  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Can resist stains and discoloration
  • Packs razor-sharp blade
  • Sports an ergonomic handle
  • The pattern on the steel is not that eye-catching
  • Not easy to store

What to Look for Before You Buy?

The reviews might have made it easy for you to make the right choice. But do you know that if you keep some of the important factors in mind, that task will come easier? Well, yes, they can make the choosing process feel like a piece of cake. And the factors we are mainly referring to here are as follows:

Material of the Blade

The first thing that you should consider is the material of the blade. Different brands are going to use different grades of steel. No matter what the steel is, you need to ensure that the steel has a higher level of sturdiness. Without that, the blade will be highly prone to chipping and breaking.

Additionally, the layers of steel also have an important role to play here. Usually, the ones with a higher number of layers are the most durable ones. Considering that, we would recommend you to opt for those ones. Some of the expensive options might even have 100+ layers.

On that note, if you are struggling to check the durability of the blade, check the Rockwell hardness level. The ones with a 60+ rating are usually the most durable.


Like the blade, the handle is another vital component of the knife. Usually, the handle will dictate how comfortable the knife is going to be. And the ones that have an ergonomic design are capable of offering the highest level of comfort. With those, the chances of fatigue occurring will be exceptionally low as well.

Apart from the ergonomic design, you need to consider whether there is any non-slip coating on the handle or not. If it does not have this coating or if the handle does not have any texture on it, it will be hard for you to get a proper grip over it. And without getting a proper grip, you will not get the maximum level of control.

Other than the ergonomics, you should also check the material of the handle. Most of the brands are going to opt for G10, which boasts a military-grade durability level. However, some might opt for average-quality plastic. Those are the ones you should stay away from.

The Edge

One of the most important factors for the knives is the edge. For this, the first thing you must consider is tapering. The better the tapering, the higher the level of sharpness is going to be. Also, do check the angle of the edge. Generally, the more angled ones tend to be exceptionally sharp.

Additionally, do consider the ability of the knife to retain the sharpness. The ones that can retain the edge can hold the sharpness for a long amount of time. That means if the edge can not retain the sharpness properly, you would need to resharpen the blade too often, which can be tedious work.

Rust and Corrosion Resistance

Being able to resist rust and corrosion is not a common thing for these knives. However, the ones that do have the ability to resist rust and corrosion can enhance the overall lifespan of the blade. With those, you would be sure to get extended use without facing that many issues.

Stain and Discoloration Resistance

Another thing that will not be common for the offerings that are available is the ability to resist stains and discoloration. But if the look is something that you care about, then you would want to check if the unit can resistance and discoloration or not. The ones that can resist those can hold their aesthetics for a long time.


One of the main reasons why many opt for Damascus knives is for their pattern on the blade. And if you want to get something that has a noticeable pattern on the blade, you would want to make sure that the blade has nitrogen treatment. Those would have a noticeable pattern, which makes these stand out the most.


Damascus steels are generally flexible by nature. However, some of the brands are going to enhance that by utilizing the proper nitrogen cooling method. And for having a higher level of flexibility, chopping, slicing, and cutting tasks will feel a bit easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes Damascus steel stand out?

One of the most interesting things about Damascus steel is the fact that they consist of multiple layers of steel. Usually, the knives will start from 60 layers. And the expensive ones will contain 100+ layers.

  1. Why does Damascus steel have a unique pattern on them?

As you know by now, the Damascus steel knives generally have multiple layers of steel. And when the layers of steel are combined, the manufacturers use liquid nitrogen to cool the steel. During this cooling process, the steel tends to gain a unique pattern on the exterior, making the Damascus knives stand out the most.

  1. What is Rockwell’s hardness rating?

The hardness rating will basically indicate the sturdiness of the knife. If one has a rating of 65+, it will be sturdier and more durable than the ones that have a rating of 60+.

  1. Are Damascus knives dishwasher-safe?

It will depend on the overall construction. Some of the manufacturers will construct their offerings in a certain way to make them dishwasher-safe. However, not all of the units you will find in the market will be dishwasher-safe. You need to check the manual. If they are not dishwasher-safe, you must clean them manually.

  1. Does Damascus steel catch rust?

Yes, they do tend to catch rust. However, that will depend on the grade of the steel. Some of the steels are capable of resisting rust. They will be capable of resisting corrosion as well.

Final Words

Hopefully, after going through the article, choosing the best Damascus chef knife will not be an issue for you. However, our best pick would be DALSTRONG10.25″ – Shogun Series X. This one has a superior build quality, and due to the fact it has an ergonomic design, it should be comfortable to hold onto too.

However, the rest are a great pick as well. But do check the important factors before making a purchase decision.


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