The 10 Best End Grain Cutting Board Reviews | Buying Guide 2023!

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Before saying anything else, we would like to state that the wooden variants are our very favorite type of cutting board. Contrary to what most people think about them, they are pretty easy to keep clean and are pretty sanitary.

Speaking of which, we have tried plenty of boards. And most of them were not even up to par when it comes to the things that the best end grain cutting board can offer.

The end grain ones are pretty gentle to the blades of the knives. So, there will be no need to reshape them that frequently. And they are usually long-lasting as well.

Apart from that, they have a lot of other things they can offer. And for that reason, once we made the switch to end grain boards, we never wanted to go back.

10 Best End Grain Cutting Board Reviews

Apart from using different types of cutting boards, we have also used plenty of end grain boards. And all of the ones we tried were among the top-selling list. From vigorous testing, we can confidently state that these are the top-performing ones:

1. Sonder Los Angeles Large End Grain Teak


During choosing the best wooden cutting boards, one thing that we prioritized was durability. And this one that is from Sonder Los Angeles was on the top positions in our list.

As the label states, the material that the brand has opted for this is teak. The quality of the material is reasonably high, which basically makes the unit achieve a higher level of durability. And thanks to being end grain, it should be able to last for a long amount of time without showing any issues.

Apart from being durable, the unit has a unique design as well. There are juice grooves on the top. Those would be able to hold onto the juices that the food is going to exert during cutting. This will make it easier to keep the countertop clean.

It even has rubber feet on the bottom. Those will increase the overall stability of the unit on countertops. Also, there are built-in storage compartments, eliminating the need to constantly move sliced and chopped food away from the top.

  • Reasonably durable
  • Features a unique design
  • Equips juice grooves on the top
  • Boasts three built-in compartments
  • There are rubber feet on the bottom
  • Some of the units might ship damaged
  • The rubber feet are not that durable

2. Fast Easy Bread Bamboo Cutting Board


One of the misconceptions that most home cooks have is that the wooden boards will absorb all of the odors from the food. Well, that is absolutely not the case. And this one can prove that!

Unlike what most people think about wooden boards, this one does not absorb the liquid exerted from the food. And it will not even absorb the odor from the food either. In fact, it is pretty easy to keep clean. There will be no need to go through any of the intricate processes to clean it.

Additionally, there are nonslip rubber feet on the bottom. Those will ensure the maximum level of stability. Also, there are deep juice grooves around the edge. The grooves will do a proper job in preventing the juices from spilling on the countertop.

The overall size of the unit is also ideal for easy storage. It is 16 x 12 x 1.5 inches. And even though the size is small enough to store it easily, it should provide a good enough area to handle large foods.

  • Odor-proof
  • Does not absorb the juices of the food
  • Offers deep juice grooves
  • Easy to store
  • Reasonably large
  • Not that durable
  • Some of the units might arrive with cracks

3. Sonder Los Angeles Large End Grain Walnut


Even though there are plenty of options available in the market, there are not that many that come with a proper handle for easy carrying. However, this one from Sonder Los Angeles does come with one.

Let us first talk about the thing that makes it stand out the most, which would be the handles on the side. They are properly placed, making them easy to grab. And for how easy it will be to grab them, it will be easier for you to move the board around.

Apart from being easier to carry, the unit has a highly functional design too. There are three built-in compartments. You can keep the sliced and chopped foods in them. Also, there are deep juice compartments on the edge. Those can keep the liquid from spilling everywhere.

On the bottom, there are rubber feet that will keep the board from moving around. Also, they do a proper job of keeping the board stable when you are working on it.

  • Offers handles on the side
  • Easy to carry around
  • Equips three built-in compartments
  • Features deep juice grooves
  • Comes with rubber feet on the bottom
  • Prone to cracking
  • Some of the units might have a highly rough surface

4. John Boos WAL-CCB1812-175


Were you looking for an end grain board that has a relatively large cutting surface but is small enough to be easily stored? Well, in that case, you should have a look at what John Boos is offering.

First of all, the overall dimensions of the unit are 18 x 12 x 1.75 inches. So, you can clearly see that it will offer you a good amount of space length-wise to handle large-sized food items. However, it is compact enough so that you can easily store it inside your utensils’ drawer.

Additionally, as the unit features a construction of sustainable material, you can expect it to last for a good amount of time. Also, thanks to the double end grain construction, these should be highly gentle to the knives.

Even keeping it clean will not be that much of a hassle. All you need to do is clean it with mild dishwashing soap and let it dry. And you will find handles on the side, which are going to make it easier to carry it around.

  • Comparatively large in size
  • Compact enough to easily store
  • Made of sustainable material
  • Features a double end grain design
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Might arrive with cracks on the body
  • The handles are not that large in size

5. John Boos Block WAL-CCB183-R


Not fond of the rectangular designs that most of the units are coming with? Want something that is round in shape? Well, what you were probably looking for is this one that is being offered by John Boos.

As we have mentioned, this one has a round shape. And the overall diameter of the body is 18 inches, which makes it large enough to accommodate large chunks of food. Also, there are three color options. Each of them will look elegant on your countertop.

This one also features a construction of sustainably sourced materials. So, you can expect it to have a reasonably higher level of durability. And the durable end grain construction enhances the lifespan even further.

Additionally, it will be pretty easy to keep this one clean. It will require simple dishwasher soap and some water. Also, the round shape of the unit makes it easier to store.

  • Sports a round shape
  • 18 inches in diameter
  • Comes in three different color options
  • Offers a durable end grain construction
  • The cleaning process is easy
  • Does not have any handles
  • Some of the units have coloring defects on them

6. John Boos Block WAL-R02


Having options regarding anything is always a great thing. Well, that is what John Boos believe as well. That is why they’re not only offering options regarding the size but also regarding the color option as well.

As we mentioned, this one comes in three different size options. There are small, medium, and large options available. Also, you will find three different color options. Depending on the outlooks you want, you can get walnut, maple, and cherry.

No matter which option you will pick, you will end up getting something that is exceptionally durable. The sustainable construction material is what makes it highly durable. Also, there are integrated handgrips, which will make it easier to lift and carry the unit around.

Other than that, the unit has the right amount of thickness. For having the right amount of thickness, it should be able to hold heavy food items without showing any issues at all.

  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Available in three colors
  • Each of them is of sustainable materials
  • Boasts the right amount of thickness
  • Features integrated handgrips
  • The cleaning process is not that easy
  • Not that resistant to splitting

7. John Boos Block B12R


When it comes to offering good quality end grain cutting boards, the manufacturer—John Boos—seems to have a lot to offer. And this board that we will talk about is not an exception in that case.

To start with, it is round in shape. The overall diameter of the body is 12 inches, making it large enough to carry large chunks of food. Also, it is 1.5 inches thick, which is perfect for carrying heavy food items. So, you will not face any troublein handling food on top of it.

Speaking of which, it has four round legs on the bottom. Those will ensure that the unit is stable on flat surfaces. Also, it will offer an extra increase in height, which can come in handy when you are trying to use it on different surfaces.

Thanks to the construction of maple wood, it achieves a considerably higher level of durability. Also, there are two different color options available. One is the plain maple, and the other is the walnut finish.

  • 12 inches in diameter
  • Capable of carrying large chunks of food
  • Offers four feet on the bottom
  • Two different color options are available
  • Made of high-quality maple wood
  • The feet are not attached properly on some units
  • Utilizes a less durable stain on the surface

8. Camco Bamboo 43548


Don’t have that much space on your countertop, but want to opt for a large end grain cutting board? Well, we might have found the right offering for you! And yes, it is from Camco.

The thing that makes this one unique is the legs on the bottom. Those are adjustable, and you can increase and decrease the total height. For having such a type of legs, it would be possible to put this on top of the stovetop and do all the cutting and slicing there.

On that note, it comes in two sizes. One is for the double burner stovetop, and the other is for four burners. Both of them have juice grooves, which will prevent the juice from the food getting all over the place.

Additionally, the overall construction of the unit is pretty solid. The body is of sturdy bamboo. So, it should last for a long amount of time without showing any issues at all.

  • Comes with adjustable legs
  • Available in two different sizes
  • The overall construction is pretty solid
  • Space-saving
  • Integrates juice grooves
  • Stain of the surface fades away reasonably fast
  • Some of the packages might ship with missing parts

9. Camco – 43753-A


Another offering from Camco that you should consider is this one. It stands out in some of the factors that the other average options can not stand out on. Want to know about them? Well, you need to read through then!

To begin with, it has a proper end grain surface on the top. For having that, it will not nick, neither will it dull the knives. So, there will not be any need to reshape the blades that frequently.

Other than the upper surface, the bottom has non-skid feet. Those will keep the board in one place. Also, there are deep grooves on the edge, which will do a proper job in keeping all the liquid in place.

This one even bundles with a flexible cutting mat. That will keep the finish on the top protected. Also, the overall size is large enough to handle large foods on the top but small enough for being easy to store.

  • Upper surface has a proper end grain construction
  • Does not nick or dull knives
  • There are deep grooves on the top
  • Includes a flexible mat
  • Sports non-skid feet on the bottom
  • The non-skid feet are not attached that securely on some units
  • Not that easy to keep the grooves clean

10. Ironwood Gourmet 28218


On the lookout for a premium-looking board? Want something that has rich colors on the surface? Well, you can stop your search right here because what you were looking for is probably this one from Ironwood.

First of all, the manufacturer has opted for Acacia wood. This wood naturally looks elegant, and thanks to the stain on the surface, the board should look exquisite. The brown staining also enhances the depth of the wood and makes it look premium.

Apart from looking good, the board is highly functional. It is large in size, which will let you work with a large quantity of food at a time. Also, as the surface has a durable end grain, it should not cause any damage to the blades of the knife.

Other than that, the process of cleaning is pretty easy. It will not require you to go through any hassles. In fact, all you will need is to rinse it with some soap and water. Also, thanks to the durable nature of the Acacia wood, this board should last for a long amount of time.

  • Looks premium
  • Offers rich colors on the top
  • Made of sturdy Acacia wood
  • Large in size
  • Features durable end grain on the surface
  • Does not have any juice grooves
  • Not that stable on slippery surfaces

What to Look for Before Buying?

There are a couple of things that you should keep in your mind before making a purchase decision. Those points will make it easier for you to scrutinize the options and make the right choice. And the factors that we are mainly referring to here are as stated below:

Type of Wood

Even though all of the end grain boards are going to be of wood, the type of wood will not be the same for each of the offerings. Some will utilize oak, some will opt for walnut, while others will use other types of wood. However, you do not really have to be that worried about the type of wood.

Instead, consider the quality of the wood. If the wood is high in quality, it will enhance the overall lifespan of the board. And the boards with a longer lifespan usually last for a long amount of time without showing any issues. So, we would highly recommend checking the quality of the wood before making a purchase.

Quality of the Grain

Another thing that is going to vary a lot from one unit to another is the quality of the grain. Some will have good overall quality, while some will opt for the average quality one. The average quality ones will not be able to offer you the advantages that the good quality ones can offer.

For example, you will notice that the blades are getting dull relatively quickly on the average quality ones. Also, those will have a rough texture on the surface as well.

Crack Resistance

One of the common problems that end grain boards have is cracking. They would usually need constant maintenance to prevent cracks from developing on the body. However, there are some that are durable enough to resist cracking. And those are the ones that we would highly recommend.

Quality of the Stain

You might already know by now that the brands are going to stain the surface to make the grains get more depth. The stain will basically make the board look good and stand a bit out in the kitchen. However, some of the brands might opt for the average quality of stains. Those will have an average outlook as well.

Considering that, if the outlook is something that you care about, we would recommend checking the quality of the stain. The high-quality stains would add more depth to the grains and make them achieve a deeper color.

Built-in Compartment

Some of the units are going to boast a built-in compartment on the body. This compartment will make it easier for you to chop different types of items. Chopping one and keeping it on a separate plate will not be necessary for this case. So, we would definitely recommend the ones with those compartments.


One of the things that most of the manufacturers are going to skimp on is the handle. But this is important. Without handles, carrying the board around will be pretty hard. For that reason, do not forget to check whether there are handles or holes on the side or not.

Nonslip Feet

Last but not least, check whether the bottom has nonslip feet or not. Without having these, the board is going to slide around on countertops. Also, you will not get that amount of stability while working on flat surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are end grain cutting boards made of?

As the name suggests, the boards are going to be of wood. Some might even be of bamboo. No matter whether the units are of wood or bamboo, they should have end grain construction.

  1. What should I do to prevent cracking on my end grain board?

To prevent cracking, we would recommend oiling the board. Usually, the boards will start to crack when it becomes too dry. And the oil can keep them from becoming too dry.

  1. Can I wash an end grain wood in a dishwasher machine?

No! End grain boards are meant to be manually washed. That means you should wash them with your hands only.

  1. What should I do to make the surface of my end grain board smooth?

Many of the end grain boards might come with a rough surface. For those, you might have to sand the upper surface to make them smoother.

  1. Do all of the end grain cutting boards have juice grooves?

Most of them should have juice grooves. However, some might not have them. With those, keeping the juice from spilling everywhere will become a hard task.

Final Words

Now that you know about the best end grain cutting board that different brands are offering, hopefully, choosing one will not be that difficult for you. However, if you ask us to choose one, we would go for the Sonder Los Angeles Large End Grain Teak. It is reasonably durable and packs three built-in compartments.


Product Image Product Name Dimensions Price
Sonder Los Angeles Large End Grain Teak
17 x 13 x 1.5 inches
Fast Easy Bread Bamboo Cutting Board
16 x 12 x 1.5 inches
Check Price
Sonder Los Angeles Large End Grain Walnut
17 x 13 x 1.5 inches
Check Price
John Boos WAL-CCB1812-175
18 x 12 x 1.75 inches
Check Price
John Boos Block WAL-CCB183-R
16 x 12 x 1.5 inches
Check Price
John Boos Block WAL-R02
18 inches Round
Check Price
John Boos Block B12R

12 Inches Round

Check Price
Camco Bamboo 43548
16 x 12 x 1.5 inches
Check Price
Camco – 43753-A
15 x 12 x 1.5 inches
Check Price
Ironwood Gourmet 28218
14 x 12 x 1.5 inches
Check Price


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