Cangshan N1 Series Review 2023!

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Knife blocks are a beautiful way to keep your knives organized, and the Cangshan N1 Series is one of our favorites. It features German construction using traditional Chinese techniques that have been used for over 1500 years! Keep reading this Cangshan N1 Series Review if you’re interested in learning more about this knife block set’s most distinguishing features.


Why Should You Buy Cangshan N1 Series?

  • The versatile German-Forged Steel Blade
  • It has edge retention of 58+ Rockwell Hardness Scale
  • It is NSF certified!
  • No worry about scratches or stains
  • Double bolster hollow handle provides superior balance
  • lifetime warranty ensures your satisfaction as long as we make swords for life!

Cangshan N1 Series Review

Blade Material

Cangshan N1 series knife blades are made with X50CrMoV15 German Steel. The steel falls between high to medium-grade stainless steel, perfect for any high-quality blade. Chromium in the metal makes it corrosion resistant and suitable for prolonged use, while its higher carbon content gives it a better edge than other steels of this type.

Molybdenum and Vanadium make this an excellent material choice that is wear-resistance as well as easy to sculpt or cut should you need them done professionally.

The Cangshan S1 Series Knife Blades come from the famed industrial metropolis Guangzhou, China, where they’re produced using state-of-the-art technology powered by German manufacturing expertise!


Meat, bread, veggies…whatever you’re cooking up in the kitchen these days, just make sure your knife is quality. The N1 series knives are forged from high-quality German steel and have a medium hardness that ensures better edge retention.

They also come with double bolster construction for an even stronger grip on any cutting job while being hand sharpened at 16 degrees to give your blade maximum finesse during prep time!


Is this a knife I can get behind? Geez, it’s hard to find the perfect one nowadays. The metallic hollow handle is super durable and doesn’t feel heavy like any wood, or synthetic handles do after years of use. Nice!

Plus, you’ll never have any slipping with these babies, thanks to their triple-riveted design. The hollow design will make your cutting and chopping least stressful for the wrists. Wondering why? Well, they can absorb more pressure than any solid handle.

Hardness & Durability

The Cangshan N1 series knives are the perfect kitchen tool for anybody who wants to make cooking a breeze. The hard blade measures up at 58+ on the Rockwell scale, meaning it’s not only tough but also flexible enough to take any punishment you throw its way!

This German steel-made knife is ice-hardened without sacrificing toughness so that every cutting motion will be clean and precise. And you don’t have to worry about broken blades – all thanks to X50CrMoV15 high carbon metal alloy!

The edge has been sharpened perfectly by master craftsmen against two sides simultaneously. This process gives an ultra-smooth cut each time you use this incredible culinary tool.

Knife Types

Chef’s Knife

This 8-inches all-purpose knife is the workhorse of all your kitchen jobs.

Bread Knife

You can smoothly cut the bread crust or slice the juiciest veggies with this 8-inches serrated knife.

Santoku Knife

Another backbone of your kitchen comes with pitted Grafton edges. No veggies, foods, or fruits will stick on the 7-inches blade.

Serrated Utility Knife

Use this 5-inches serrated utility knife instead of the long bread knife if the tomatoes are too small.

Paring Knife

Worried about any small cutting, mincing, and slicing? This 3.5-inches knife is excellent for those tasks.

Walnut Wood Block

The 5-slot walnut woodblock will keep the knives safe from any moisture, dent, and rust.

Buying Guide for Best Knife Block Set

Blade Material

Stainless Steel is the most common material used in knives. High carbon steel blades are often better for heavy-duty tasks than low carbon ones. However, if you want something tough and flexible at the same time, then it might be best to go with softer steel instead.


The benefits of forging are simple and clear. When it comes to creating knives, forgers have the ability to infuse iron molecules with other elements so that they’re tough enough – stampers don’t offer this same option.

But when you want a budget-friendly blade? Stamping is always better than forgings as long as your knife needs aren’t particularly demanding on toughness or sharpness!


The handles of your knives can be a significant factor in deciding which set you’ll choose. You want to make sure the grip doesn’t mold and is easy to clean, but that’s not all! Some wooden handles might have a rustic and traditional look but are less durable than other polymer or metal handles. The wooden ones may also develop smells after some use due to their natural properties.


I like to use a rigid steel blade for heavy-duty cutting. You can put as much pressure on it that you need, and the bodies won’t give so quickly when they’re too tough!

On the other hand, softer blades are good if I’m trying to get into some tricky parts of the body – just little places where there’s not enough space for my power saws or something because these soft tools will be more malleable than heavier ones.


Is Cangshan a good brand?

Yes, it is. The combination of German technology and centuries-old Chinese craftsmanship gives this brand an extra edge. The knives of the S, S1, or N1 series are distinct from each other for performance and durability.

What is the best series of Cangshan knives?

If you are looking for an affordable and compact knife block set, this N1 series will be the best option for you. It may come with only six knives, but they can be the workhorse of any kitchen.

But if you need a complete knife set to make your kitchen complete for any cooking task, you can look for the 23 pieces, 17 pieces, or 10 pieces Cangshan knife sets.

Final Words

Haven’t you found this Cangshan N1 Series Review helpful? I’m sure you did. Now don’t wait any longer to get such a compact and effective knife block set for your kitchen.

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