Cangshan S Series Review 2023!

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What we look for in a knife block set? Well, every cutting tool in one place without the hassle of searching around the kitchen. Isn’t it? If this is what you are looking for, this Cangshan S Series Review will convince you that you are on the right webpage now.

Like all the other Cangshan knife block sets, the S Series offers the German constriction using 1500-years old Chinese tradition from Yangjiang. Before you start thinking about whether to get it for yourself or as a gift for someone else, take a look at its most distinguishing features.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Highly Durable Forged German Steel Blade
  • Full Tang, Double Bolster Design for Protection and Balance
  • Extensive Edge Retention and Stain Resistant
  • Hard Blade with 58+ Rockwell Hardness Scale
  • NSF Certified
  • Lifetime Warranty

Cangshan S Series Review


Blade Materials

Cangshan S series knife blades are made with X50CrMoV15 German Steel. This steel falls between high to medium-grade stainless steel, perfect for any high-quality knife. The presence of Chromium, aka Cr, makes it corrosion resistant for more prolonged use.

Carbon content in this steel is medium-high, making it a hard blade with better toughness than any other high carbon steel.  And the presence of Molybdenum and Vanadium makes it wear resistance and easily machinable.


Like any excellent quality knife, the S series knives are forged from high-quality German steel. Each blade goes through an “ultra6′ heat treatment process for reinforced strength and functionality. Medium hardness also ensures better edge retention.

Full tang, double bolster construction gives you a firm and balanced grip during any cutting job. Each blade is hand sharpened at an angle of 16-degrees. The design is patented in the USPTO office, so you can rely on the quality of the design.


You will love the strength and comfort of the black synthetic handle. The double bolster design and full tang construction offer balance and firm grip even during the heavy kitchen job. Additionally, the triple-rivet keeps the handle on the main blade and enhances the knife’s durability.

Unlike any wooden handle, synthetic handles are better for frequent wash and resistance to any mold buildups. You will hardly face any slipping while working with these knives.

Hardness & Durability

The Cangshan S series knives are pretty hard. According to the Rockwell Hardness scale, the rating is 58+. It means the knife is more towards the harder side with medium flexibility. The X50CrMoV15 German steel gives adequate toughness to this hard blade, making it distinct from other high carbon blades.

You will enjoy the performance of this ice-hardened blade in any kitchen job. The edges are ultra-sharp without any brittleness in them.

Types of Knife

Chef’s Knife

This 8-inches all-purpose knife is the backbone of all your kitchen jobs.

Bread Knife

You can smoothly cut any bread or slice the juiciest tomatoes with this 8-inches serrated knife.

Santoku Knife

Another workhorse of your kitchen comes with Grafton edges. No veggies or fruits will stick on the 7-inches blade.

Boning Knife

It’s this 6-inches blade that will remove every piece of meat from the bones. No matter if it’s chicken or beef, the meat will be equally cut and tender.

Serrated Utility Knife

If the tomatoes or veggies are too small, use this 5-inches serrated knife rather than the long bread knife.

Tomato Knife

Well, if you want to cut the tomatoes for burgers or salads with the utmost precision, grab this special 5-inches knife.

Paring Knife

This 3.5-inches knife is excellent for any small cutting, mincing, and slicing.

Peeling Knife

You may find the 2.75-inches length small, but it is a handy one for peeling and carving fruits.

Serrated Steak Knives

When you have the guest on the table, these 5-inches knives will cut the juiciest steak precisely. You will get six knives with the block.

Honing Steel

The diamond-polished honing steel is for removing the knicks and keeping the edges functional. This is not sharpening but a maintenance tool for your knives.


Cutting any soft bones or cartilages will be easy with these 8-inches shears.

Walnut Wood Block

The walnut woodblock will keep all the blades safe from any moisture, dent, and rust.

Buying Guide

Blade Material

High carbon steel is harder than low carbon ones. If you prefer flexibility and toughness, it’s better to go for the low carbon soft blades. Otherwise, high carbon steels are perfect for heavy-duty tasks.


Forging is by far the best knife-making process. It infuses the iron molecules with other elements and gives the required toughness. Stamping, on the other hand, is easy and more affordable. When budget is an issue, it’s always better to select stamped blades.


As we said earlier, hard steels are better for heavy and power cutting. You can put more pressure on it. On the other hand, softer blades will be flexible to reach the toughest coroner and remove the meats.


Unless you are a big fan of rustic cutlery, polymer or synthetic handles are great picks. They are easily washable and do not catch any molding. Wooden handles may have a great rustic outlook, but they are less durable and may smell fishy after a few uses.


Cangshan S Series vs. Cangshan N1 Series: Which one is the best?

Well, it’s not easy to say. If you need an all-purpose knife set, the S Series will definitely have the upper hand. However, the 6 knives in the N1 series are great for minimalistic kitchens.


You may find the hollow handles of the N1 series different, but they can absorb some serious pressure while you are dealing with some intricate cuts.

What is the best series of Cangshan knives?

Cangshan has a wide range of knife block sets, including S1, S, N1, V2, and more. Each of the sets is distinct, with noticeable features and performance.

Final Verdict

Have you found this Cangshan S Series Review helpful? I am sure you did. If you think this is the set for your kitchen or want to surprise someone with it, get it now.

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