What is a cutting board used for?

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A cutting board is a very handy kitchen accessory that is very durable and stable. It is one kind of excellent hardboard that is also known as the chopping board. A cutting board can be made from several materials and comes in different shapes and sizes. But very common questions you may have are what is a cutting board used for?

It is used for different purposes according to the types of cutting boards. In this guide, we have arranged details on versatile cutting board uses. If you want to know how to use a chopping board, you can continue reading this guide. 

What is a End Grain Cutting Board used for?

Cutting boards can be your best ally for cutting everything from vegetables to fruits or fish to meat. You can also cut a lot of dry food on the cutting board. It is a very smart kitchen tool that can reduce the cutting hassle and make the whole cooking process easier. 

Depending on the color code:

Your cutting board may separate from voiding the food contamination. Health experts said to use separate boards for cutting raw and dry food. Even fish and meat cut on separate boards is healthy. Otherwise, bacteria may transmit from one food to another. 

  • Blue cutting boards- Raw seafood
  • Green cutting boards-Fruits and vegetables
  • Yellow cutting board- Poultry meat, brown and duck meat
  • Red cutting board- Beef, Mutton red raw meat
  • Grey boards-Cooked food cutting
  • Purple cutting boards- for several kinds of nuts
  • White cutting boards- Dairy, bread, and cookies

Many are often used with the same cutting boards for versatile use that is unhealthy and threatened for your life. So, always use a separate board for separate foods. 

Depending on board material:

Do you know what a plastic cutting board used for it? Or wooden cutting boards are good for what? Depending on the types of food, the cutting board material would be different. Here are some examples.

  • Plastic cutting boards- for raw meats
  • Wooden cutting boards- Vegetables and fruits
  • Glass cutting boards- Good for cheese, butter-like soft food

The plastic board is good for Raw material because the plastic board is easy to wash again and again. 

On the other hand, the wooden board is not much washable. That is why it is good for fruits and vegetables. And the glass cutting board can’t take huge pressure, so it is best for soft food like cheese. 

The cautions of using a cutting board plastic or other material

  • Always use a separate cutting board according to the type of customer to protect it from bacteria.
  • Avoid using the reverse side of your cutting board when you have already used another side for something
  • Wash the cutting board with hot water and soap after each use
  • After washing the plastic board, wipe it off with a dry cloth and place the wooden board in the light sun.
  • Prolonged use can cause cracks or grooves in the wood board, and bacteria can accumulate there, so check regularly
  • Change your cutting boards after using a long period to avoid several health risks. 


1) What is the safest material for cutting boards?

If possible, then use a bamboo cutting board because it is far better than the traditional mahogany, teak, or walnut. Good to know that bamboo boards are more porous than those woods. 

Moreover, bamboo bards are knife scratch prevention and environment friendly. Also, know that the bamboo cutting board is used in the preparation of appetizers in a popular restaurant.

2) What should you not cut on a wooden cutting board?

It is not good to cut seafood and raw meat on a wooden cutting board because wood can absorb germs, bacteria, and raw odors. Even you can get bad odors from the boards after washing correctly. As a plastic board is much washable, it is good to use a chopping board plastic material.

3) Why do chefs use wooden cutting boards?

Not only wooden boards but also bamboo cutting boards are popular with chefs and homemakers. The reasons are:

Final Words:

So, what is a cutting board used for? I hope you got the all-crucial information about it. The purposes of using a cutting board are to make your cooking ingredients cut into several pieces. A cutting board can make the kitchen work easier as it is faster than the traditional cutting task. 

Although there are varieties of cutting boards, the most used cutting boards are plastic and wooden cutting boards. 

Have you any questions about the use of a cutting board? Then let us know and share this content with others to make benefitted them. 

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