DALSTRONG Gladiator Review: The Best 8 Pc Knife Block Set For your Kitchen

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A knife block set made in China with German High Carbon Steel for the US customer. You won’t find that much diversity in any other knife set like the DALSTRONG Gladiator Series set. This set is well known for its durability, stylish look, and performance, along with variety.

You will find all the features in this DALSTRONG Gladiator review to convince yourself that this is the set that will satisfy your kitchen requirement and budget. We have left no stone unturned to get the most authentic and reliable review so that you can take an educated decision.

8 Pc DALSTRONG Gladiator Review

Blade Material

Asian-made knives typically have a rigid blade. This Dalstrong Gladiator series set is no different from it. The high carbon German steel of this knife set is famous for its hardness and low ductility.

You will find the knives very hard and resistant to any wear but miss the flexibility of low carbon European blades.  If you prefer strength over flexibility, this is the best knife set for you.


One of the best things about this knife set is the ThyssenKrupp forging. This German construction method ensures the fusion of individual iron, carbon, and molybdenum molecules to form a more robust piece of steel.

Each of the blades has full tang construction with a triple-rivet handle. Full tang of the blade ensures a proper balance between blade and handle. Moreover, the bolster maintains the weight balance when cutting, chopping, mincing, and more.


This famous knife block set from DALSTRONG comes with a black ABS Polymer handle. Polymer handles are great for everyday use as they are resistant to mold buildup, smells, or cracking. Like any plastic handle, polymer handles won’t slip inside your grip.

Dual bolster design not only strengthens the handle but also gives you a firm grip and control over the knife action. Whether you are a pro or newbie home cook, this set will unleash your true culinary talent.

Hardness and Durability

You already know that high carbon steel is hard and less flexible. The official hardness scale, aka Rockwell Hardness scale, also says the same. According to the scale, the hardness is 58+.

This rating belongs to the higher end of the scale that ensures better edge retention but lower toughness. So, your DALSTRONG knives will keep their edges for long, but you may have to compromise with flexibility.

Reaching tough corners of chicken caraccas is a bit challenging with these high carbon blades.

Knife Types

Chef Knife

This 8-inches knife is the workhorse of any kitchen. You can do almost anything with this European-shaped knife.

Bread Knife

Well, you know what to do with it. This 9-inches long knife will cut any bread, tomatoes, or soft juicy veggies smoothly.

Santoku Knife

The 7-inches santoku is the Japanese version of the chef knife. The Granton edge makes sure nothing sticks on the blade while cutting, chopping, or mincing.

Carving Knife

Like the 9-inches bread knife, a carving blade smoothly slices or curve dense meats like steak, chucks, and legs.

Utility Knife

You can do almost anything with this 6-inches utility knife. Chopping, slicing, cutting, or any general kitchen hacks can be done with this.

Paring Knife

If you want to peel or cut fruits, vegetables use this 3.75-inches paring knife.

Serrated Utility Knife

You can use this 5.5-inches knife with a serrated edge for any cutting of juicy and soft vegetables.

Honing Steel

Sometimes we mixed up the use of honing steel and weight stone. Honing rod is not for sharpening edges. It’s for removing the knicks to keep the edge smooth.

Acacia Wood Block

The wooden block is designed to keep all the knives safe in a compact way. If you have a limited spaced kitchen, this block will add an extra edge in your kitchen without occupying additional space.

Knife Block Set Buying Guide

Blade Material

European blades contain lower carbon than their high carbon Asian counterparts. Higher carbon makes the blade more robust but less flexible. If you prefer power cutting rather than adjustable slicing, choose high carbon steel.


Forging is the best method of knife construction. It ensures the molecules are infused to make the metal more robust and durable.

Another way of making a knife is stamping. Knife blades are stamped from a metal sheet and polished to turn into a knife. This process is less laborious, so the knives are more affordable.


You may find wooden handles more vintage and authentic. However, they can crack easily and can get mold and smell. On the other hand, synthetic handles are more durable and do not develop any mold or fishy smell.


Harder knives are great for edge retention but not so tough or flexible. You can do the robust cutting with these blades. Softer blades, contrarily, will lose the edge but will be more flexible for diverse kitchen jobs.

Knife Variety

Block sets with more knife variety are more expensive than sets with limited knife options. If you are a cooking enthusiast and love to do the various cutting, get a block with more variety.


Are Dalstrong knives dishwashers safe?

We strongly recommend washing any knife by hand. Although the Dalstrong manufacturers ensure you can put those knives in the dishwasher, it’s better to wash them by hand.

Is Dalstrong NSF certified?

Yes, the Dalstrong Shadow Black knife series is NSF certified. However, the gladiator series is not approved by NSF.

How do you sharpen a Dalstrong knife?

It is always recommended to use a weigh stone to sharpen the knife edge. Hold the blade aligned at the bevel angle and move back and front slowly. Make sure to wet the stone in between the strokes.

Final Verdict

Suppose you are looking for a knife set that will fulfill all the kitchen needs at an affordable cost. In that case, this Dalstrong Gladiator Review will convince you to get this set.

If you are a beginner home cook and want to test your skill, this German steel Chinese knife set will be a perfect choice.

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