Tips on How to Clean Wood Cutting Board After Raw Meat

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A wooden cutting board takes a lot of tolls, and so you must clean it before you store it after every use. You will use it to cut raw meats, vegetables, and whatnot. Cleaning the wooden cutting board is easy after you prepare the veggies. It is possible because veggies have less grain and softer than raw meats. That being said, you will have a real hard time cleaning the cutting board of wood after raw meat preparation.

We feel your problem and so, prepared this guideline on how to clean wood cutting board after raw meat to maintain safety and healthiness. Raw meats will often produce bacteria, blood, slight traces of meat, and a nasty odor. Thus, the wooden cutting board needs vigorous cleaning for healthiness.

You may use detergent, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or salt to clean the cutting board. Also, you have to disinfect it.

How to Clean Wood Cutting Board After Raw Meat?

When you cut raw meat on the wooden board, it may contain E.coli and Staphylococcus. If you do not clean the board after meat cutting, it will, thus, work as the breeding ground of bacteria. But you can quickly opt for the following sure-shot ideas to clean the wooden board and disinfect it.

Method 1: Use of vinegar

Vinegar contains citric acid and always a way to kick start any cleaning project in the kitchen. Also, almost all homeowners have vinegar ready at home. You will first need to dip a piece of clean cloth or rug in salt and then pour some vinegar on it.

Use it to rub off the cutting board. Salt is pretty abrasive and would help you to remove the raw meat particles from the board. Its abrasiveness also makes the cleaning project faster. Use enough salt to remove the gunk, debris, and meaty parts from the board. Also, it soaks the odor to give the cutting board a smooth and pleasant flavor.

Method 2: Use lemon

If you haven’t cut a massive amount of raw meat on the cutting board, quick cleaning of it should be fine. In such regards, using lemon works perfectly. At one end, it contains citric acid that works both as a cleaning and disinfectant agent. On the other point, lemons are the cheapest of all cleaning items for the wooden board.

Pour some salt on the board and then squeeze the lemon so that the juices drop on the board. You should cover the entire board instead of dropping the lemon juice on one point. Use a rag or brush to clean off the board. Lemon will work with the salt to create abrasive properties to clean the raw meat particles.

Method 3: use of bleach r hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide and bleach both work as the commercial cleaner in large-sized kitchens and will unfold magic if used properly. Also, hydrogen peroxide is known for its bacteria-killing ability, which is a bonus for cleaning raw meat used a cutting board.

Pour the hydrogen peroxide on the cutting board and allow it a few minutes to kill off the bacteria properly. Then, use a clean rug to rub off the hydrogen peroxide. Also, clean the board with water and soap to remove any remaining odor and meaty particles.

For using bleach, prepare a solution of 2-liter water and 1 tablespoon of bleach. Once the solution is ready, you should use a brush to scrub off the meaty parts, other gunk, and debris from the wooden cutting board.

The bleach also works as a bacteria killer to disinfect the cutting board for safety.

Tips to Disinfect and Air Dry the Board

If you aren’t dependable on hydrogen peroxide or bleach to disinfect the wooden cutting board, you may use commercial disinfectants for it. You can directly purchase the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution instead of preparing it at home.

In a mid-sized bowl, take one cup of lukewarm water and pour 1tbsp. of 3% hydrogen peroxide in it to prepare the disinfectant. Use a clean cloth to rub it on the board. Once the board is cleaned and ideally disinfected, you should keep it in a well-ventilated space. It would help the board air dry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I indeed cut raw meat on a wooden cutting board?

Yes, the wooden cutting board is a perfect surface to cut raw meats. These boards are thick and sturdy enough to take the toll of the steel knives and choppers. Also, it won’t damage the knives as soon as the plastic or glass will do.

  1. Is a wooden cutting board sanitary?

Yes, a wooden cutting board is sanitary and safe as long as you clean it properly. Since wooden boards have pores, bacteria form faster in these pores. So, you have to disinfect it to continue the healthiness of the board.


Wooden cutting boards with pores and sturdy surface allows you to cut the raw meats with the perfect size to prepare your favorite meal. However, the pores of the board boost bacterial growth, which needs to be dealt with care.

In this guideline on how to clean wood cutting board after raw meat, we showed you using tips of vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and lemon to clean and disinfect the board. So, you should now find it easy to maintain the sanitary of the wooden cutting board better. Also, once a year, you should use oil to maintain the board from any damage.

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