How to Decorate a Cake At Home Easy: Seven Top Ideas

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You have baked a cake for your kids or other family members and thinking about decorating ideas for the cake. There are hundreds of ways to decorate a cake, but not all of them are easy and suitable for DIY cake makers.

That’s why we have decided to come up with this article, “How to decorate a cake at home easily?” Thankfully, we found more than 10+ easy and quick ideas to decorate homemade cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, or any events.

You can use a polka dot design, create rainbow stripes, or think about making a floral pattern on the cakes to decorate it.

How to Decorate a Cake At Home Easy

When you prepare a cake for any family or special occasion at home, the yumminess of the cake won’t serve your purpose properly. It needs to be eye-catchy and decorative as well. It won’t grab anyone’s attention if the cake looks dull, especially if you prepare it for kids.

Here we present the top ideas to decorate your homemade cake with easy and practical suggestions. You need not go over the board with these ideas for cake decoration.

1. Create a rainbow stripe on the cake:

You can think about creating rainbow stripes on the top and around the cake. The process is simple and easy to apply. You can use edible glitter or gel to create the rainbow effect. If you use the edible glitter, the cake will also sparkle, adding another level of aesthetics.

2. Floral cakes are always beautiful:

No matter how old or modern people are, no one will ever hate a floral cake. The frosting flowers on top of a cake look attractive, and kids will love eating them. You will only need to learn a bit of piping skill for it.

You can apply a star tip on the pipe to create the floral patterns. Also, ensure that the star tips on the pipe are of various sizes. It will help you create different-sized floral patterns on the cake. You can consider making rosette and rose floral patterns with different edible colors.

Popularly, people love green and red or pink combo for these fancy cakes.

3. Confetti is beautiful too:

Have you ever watched a champion team under the raining confetti and celebrating their success? It looks beautiful and eye-soothing.  So, how not turn it a reality into your cake?

The most surprising part about this cake decoration idea is that you will only need a few different sprinkle designs for it.

The sprinkles are colorful, and you can easily get them from any nearby supermarket or food shop. After baking the cake, spread the sprinkles on its top and freeze it for a few hours before bringing it in for the occasion.

The colorful and vivid appearance of the sprinkles on the cake will attract everyone. Also, for adding sprinkle, you can choose white frosting for the cake top. It would increase the vividness of the cake more.

4. Naked cake with multiple layers:

Are you worried that cake decoration isn’t your cup of things? Here’s a piece of good news for you. Yes, you can keep your cake naked without adding any frosting on its top and sides. You can opt for gingerbread cakes with such a frosting-free naked appearance.

The multiple layers with a white top is a trending design in most weddings these days. However, you can use it for any occasion.

The different layers of these cakes with coffee and white color look delicious and engaging. Yet, you can sprinkle a few specks of sugared dust on the top layer as icing on the cake. It will elevate the look and yumminess of these trendy gingerbread cakes.

5. Add cherries on the cake top:

Fresh fruits are always healthy and delicious. When you add a mound of fresh fruit to the cake top, it looks colorful and increases its yumminess. For a change, try out some red cherries on the cake. It will instantly pop up the color and increases its decorative look.

The good thing about this cake decoration idea is that it doesn’t need many skills and isn’t time-consuming either. Just make sure the cherries on the top of the cake look uniform and well-arranged.

6. Holiday Lights on the cake:

Why not celebrate your special days with some yummy holiday lights?

Please don’t get mad at me. I am talking about decorating your homemade cakes with a holiday light design. You won’t have to eat real lights for it. These are nothing except gel food color. Use it with a pipe to add some Christmas light shapes to the cake. You can try out yellow, green, red, or other colors as part of it. Make sure you hold the pipe firmly for it.

7. Princess cake:

If you are celebrating the birthday of your baby princess, these layered princess cakes will blow everyone’s mind with their design and yumminess.

You will need edible glitters, gold paints, and assorted sprinkles for it. When you are done with the cake, decorate with the golden glitters. You can use your piping technique to create beautiful star shapes with the glitters.

Also, after finishing off the side decorations of the cake, use the sprinkles to make it more beautiful. You can even use melted candy on the cake after frosting it. The choices are all yours about how you would like to surprise your baby princess.


We described seven top ideas on how to decorate a cake at home easily. You can, however, always try out different ideas to decorate the cakes. Also, depending on the occasions and seasons, cake decorations vary extensively.

For instance, during Christmas, decorating the cake top with a Christmas tree or something of similar sorts can be a nice idea. You just need to find out the new and creative ways to decorate the cakes. Most of these ideas are simple to apply, and you should also find the ingredients easily in any nearby food shop. So, what’s your favorite one?

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