How to grind meat without a meat grinder?

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Ground meat is one of the delicious items on various popular dishes. Among various dishes, making burger patties, sausages, and ground meat is a must. Without a grinder, there are several tools through which you can do this job perfectly.

In this article, we will discover those tools and know the process to use them efficiently. We’ve described some tips to make it better than usual, along with methods on how to grind meat without a meat grinder.

Let’s move into detail!

How to grind meat without a meat grinder: Method and Tips 

Grinding meat is an easy task if it can be done properly. Along with grinding, you also get the opportunity to cut the meat into the expected size of each piece. To do these manually, you have to use available kitchen tools, for example, a knife, kitchen hammer, or a blender. Wait, how do you grind meat with a blender? Stay with following grinding methods; you’ll get your answer,

Grinding meat by hand

You know that grinding meat without a grinder is healthier and more delicious. Use your hands to make it more delicious on your own. It would be best if you had a sharp kitchen knife and a chopping board.

Put your meat on the chopping board, but before cleaning the board using water. Put your knife at a 45-degree angle and slice the meat. Cut your meat as thinly as you can. After finishing one round, flip the meat and slice them in the opposite direction.

At this phase, your meat is also good to use on several dishes. It’ll make the food fleshy and delicious. To make a thinner slice, toss the meat over and cut it closer to the chopping board. To get a better result, toss and repeat this method.

After repeating slice progression one to two times, pile up the meat and chop the meat from left to right. Repeat this until you get the perfect texture to use as your dish.

In real words, this process requires more professionalism in using a kitchen knife for cooking. If you are one of those who have no such experience of handling a knife carefully, you can use a blender to prepare your meat. Instead of a blender, a food processor will also make the processing more efficient and expected size.

Grinding frozen meat with a blender or food processor

If you got your blender, firstly prepare the meat to use. Cover the meat with foil paper if you have any, or put it into the fridge to make for half an hour at maximum. Keep in mind that frozen meat can’t be used in the grinder.

Take the meat from the fridge and add a handful of meat into the blender. Blend it until you get the smoothly feel.

Grinding in a food processor or blender is a short-time method to grind meat. But you know what? If you don’t clean the blender or food processor well, the smell of meat will last long. And it’s not preferable for anyone. After scooping the meat into a bowl, clean the blender as soon as possible.

Get a butcher to prepare professionally

Take a situation at a party arranging at your home before describing this point.

You have a long guest list for whom you have to prepare meals. You have a lot of work to do without grinding the meat. Unfortunately, you have no grinder to make it faster.

Now you don’t want to waste your time grinding meat manually with a knife or even in a blender. At this point, get a professional butcher to prepare your meat.

You’ll easily get a butcher at a reasonable price in the local market. Generally, the meat selling shop contains this service.

At last, let me tell you a secret about buying meat from the market. Meat from local markets is more fresh and delicious than from online or grocery shops. Enjoy your delicious dishes with raw and fresh meat.


Can I grind meat with a food processor?

The food processor allows you to grind the meat into several types: gristly, loose, and pasty. Use a food processor to slice meat into expected size to prepare various dishes. Depending on the type of meat, you need to measure the grinding size and time of blending.

To make the texture of the meat more smooth, cut the meat into cubed size with a knife before placing it into the food processor. Thus it will be easier to chop the meat more efficiently. Also, it is recommended as a must before placing the meat into a food processor or blender. The big piece of meat can damage the motor or the blade of the gadget.

Are food processor and blender the same?

Food processors and blenders contain similar part of functions. But they have their perspective of uses. A food processor is specially manufactured to chop, slice, or shape without using water and even dry ingredients.

On the other hand, a blender is manufactured to blend things by adding water. For example, to prepare juice, smoothies, or any shakes which require a smooth texture of ingredients to drink. In this situation, if you intend to grind meat at a smooth texture, you can use one of these gadgets.

Otherwise, to get a manual shape of grinds, a food processor is the most efficient kitchen appliance you can have.

Final Words

So you already have the answer on how to grind meat without a grinder. Finally, we advise you to use every tool carefully to stay safe from unfortunate accidents. For example, the knife can cut your finger at the unfortunate.

Another tip is for all those tools and gadgets you’ve used to grind meat, such as chopping board, knife, blender, or food processor. Clean them sooner after finishing the chopping to get rid of the unwanted smell from other foods. Ground meat is far more delicious while enriching the taste of your dishes. Such as the deliciousness of the petty make the burger amazing to eat.

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