How to Open Oysters Without an Oyster Knife: Easy Ways

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Among seafood lovers, the oyster is the most precious dish at the party. But, to open oysters, a shucking knife lets you to done the job efficiently. Because of its infrequent uses, it gets sent to the backward of the kitchen shelf, and you won’t find them when. Or, you accidentally find that knife when you’re not in the mood of eating an oyster.

So, how to open oysters without an oyster knife? Here, we’ll talk about several alternatives that you can use to open an oyster. And we also break down the mechanism of an oyster knife and the cleaning process of oysters at home.

It’s time jump in to find the solutions,

How to Open Oysters Without an Oyster Knife?

Opening oysters is not satisfying but also fun. There are several ways to open an oyster without using that particular oyster knife. Here we describe three alternatives tools/methods to open an oyster instead of a knife,

A Flat-head Screwdriver

Instead of an oyster knife, a flat-head screwdriver works as the exact mechanism of the knife to open an oyster. Grab the shortest length one with width handle if possible, to get the efficient grip which helps to maintain the shell from cracking.

Clean your screwdriver before using it so that no such harmful things or contaminants can’t get inside the oyster. Grab that tool in your right hand and the oyster to another one. Use a towel to hold the oyster and find its valve. Stick the screwdriver until it feels stuck and secured the shell opening. After that, take a gentle force and care because of not breaking the shell. While it’s open, twist the driver to open other adductor muscles.

Be careful while using this kind of tool. Keep your oyster supporting hand away from the path of the blade to protect yourself from an unwanted accident.

The microwave and a knife

At this point, take half a dozen oysters into a plate covering with wax paper. Now set your microwave into full power for one minute. After reaching the hit, put the plate into the microwave for twenty seconds. Now leave oysters to get the room temperature and then open them easily with an old knife.

If you don’t have an oven in some situations, use the knife to open them. As with the screwdriver method, hold the oyster by the left hand and set the knife to the oyster. Then twist your wrist both clockwise and anticlockwise to penetrates the edges of the shell. When the shell broke, insert the blade fully into to turn the oyster shell over. Next, cut the bottom abductor muscles to separate the attachment point of the shells.

The hands-free method

We love this fantastic method because it requires no such knife or grips to open the shell. Opening oysters with the heating method doesn’t require any external force.

Take half dozens of oysters into a pie pan, and put that in a hot oven for five minutes at maximum. For the exposed heat, the shell is automatically open. After that, take the shell off by cutting the attachment muscle and leave it in the refrigerator to enjoy an ice-cold oyster. Otherwise, leave it for 15 minutes before serving at room temperature.

How Does an Oyster Knife Work?

Oyster knives make you deal with the shells easier than any tools. These specially designed knives are made of a thin and flat blade. This knife is sturdier than other ordinary knives so that it won’t get broke while diving the shells from the attachments. And its shorten size helps you to control the knife and prevent an unwanted accident. To shuck an oyster properly with this knife, follow these rules,

  • Take all clean oysters, a shucking knife, and tissue or cloth to hold the oysters.
  • Take the oysters, and cover them with the cloth. Place the knife in the attaching point of the oyster.
  • Twist the knife gently until the joint of the shells get loose.
  • Open the two shells and scrape the meat from one of them.

And you’re done and ready to enjoy that delicious and precious food. Increase the deliciousness with a slice of lemon.

How to Clean Oysters at Home?

Cleaning the oysters means cleaning the shells which contain muds, specks of dirt, and debris. The first progress for cleaning is covering them with crushed ice and shaking them under fresh running water at room temperature.

After that, if you locate more mud or dirt, use a scrub brush. Then, after opening oysters without an oyster knife, serve them with a bed of crushed ice within half an hour. You can even save the shells fill with an oyster with a little reserved liquor.

Oyster contains lots of vitamins and nutrients that help recover our fitness, immune system, blood circulation, etc.  Serve the precious food with a bit of lemon slice, which will bring a charm while eating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use an oyster knife to open clams?

Yes, you can easily use this oyster knife like a regular knife. Along with open calms, you can use them to cut plastic caps. It’s shorter and sturdier steel and grip, which with a tip for open the shell hinge. An oyster knife is long durable than any other knife.

What is the difference between an oyster knives and a clam knife?

The fundamental difference between a calm knife and an oyster knife is their design and manufacturing. A clam knife is thin and flat, where the other is manufactured shorter and sturdier. As a result, a clam knife is suitable for regular kitchen uses, but the oyster one will not so safe for frequent uses. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to cause injuries.

Final Words

While opening oysters for a party at home, it’s better to use hitting methods to make the job in time. But it’s recommended to keep an oyster knife at home, which will give you comfort while opening an oyster. Otherwise, follow those mentioned methods to open oyster without an oyster knife and enjoy your food. Most importantly, clean every tool before using them along with oyster shells.

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