How to sharpen a steak knife: Magical Steps!

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A sharp table knife that is used for cutting steak is called a steak knife in general, and these are made of serrated blades and wooden handles. Modern steak knives raised/invented at the time of the second world war. The problem of how to sharpen a steak knife had started right after the invention of knives.

Serrated steak knives had become well established after that time and still now it is famous in domestic workers or household servants. This article is all about steak knife sharpening methods and tools to get a better-sharpened edge.

Let’s get into it.

How to sharpen a steak knife 

Sharpening knives is a difficult task to complete. Several methods and tools can be used to sharpen blades; are described below,

Ceramic Rod

You need to find a fine and good ceramic sharpening rod, normally 1000 grit. You can get two types of steak knife sharpening rods in the market named coarser white and finer black. You can use any one of them to sharpen your steak knife.

Hold the knife with the edge of the blade pointed away from your body. Place the ceramic rod on the same angle of the slope. Now gently draw the rod through the serration. It’s a one-way progression, so don’t bounce back. Repeat this process for every serration.

Electrical Knife Sharpener

Electrical Knife Sharpener runs through batteries and does not require any wire connection. It has two to three different grinding wheels outlined on the machine’s main button.

Before using an electrical knife sharpener, make sure that it has a slot designed for a serrated knife. Otherwise, if you use one that is not designed for these knives, it can damage the quality of the bevel.

Triangular Sharpener

The triangular sharpener is a special invention to sharpen a serrated knife. To set your sharpener, choose medium rods. The triangles have to be pointed properly. Then place the brass guide rod in the rock hole. This rock hole will save your knife from slipping. These brasses are a very soft material, and make sure they can hold your hand. Take the lead and place it where it will be convenient for you to catch. Place the heel of the blade at the top of the rods.

Do slow, smooth strokes without giving too much pressure. Do the same thing on both sides. Then take the stroke as you wish. Rotate when the stroke is over and repeat the same thing. As a result, you can cut anything very nicely.

Square Stone

You can also use the square stone to sharpen your steak knife. First, find a flat surface where the knife can stay well and don’t wobble. Put a sharpening stone on a moist dowel which has two sides named coarser and finer.

Start from the coarse side, where you also have to ensure that this isn’t dry because you cannot use it in dry conditions. Place the knife at the heel with your knife at a 22.5-degree angle. Then slowly draw the knife down as it goes all the way across on the side from other sides.

Repeat this action for as long as the steak knife becomes smooth. Importantly, do this process carefully without giving excessive pressure. You have to alternate from side to side to keep your bevel centered, again from one side to another. Keep doing the work until it is smooth.

Types of steak knives

Steak knives are different according to their types of blade formation and manufacturing. There are three types of blades that you need to consider before choosing one.

  1. Plain knives: These knives perform a smooth cut while you can’t tear the meat fibers. Its user-friendly design lets use it as a regular knife. Along with a simple blade sharpening, it’s easy to sharpen.
  2. Serrated Steak Knife: A serrated steak knife is much more acceptable and useful for many people. But these knives need constant maintenance, and it isn’t easy to sharpen. The blade of a serrated steak knife ranges from five to seven inches. And it’s sharp-edged, which looks a lot like a tooth or a small saw. With the help of a serrated blade, you can cut things like bread to meat smoothly.
  3. Micro-serrated knives: Micro-serrated blades are used at lower-priced knives. You can’t sharpen the knife once it gets low. But if you are not willing to buy a set of steak knives, this knife will help you get your things done.

Blade material steak knife

Because of the industrial revolution, we are capable of manufacturing products using high-quality and featured materials. Knives have portability features that can maintain because of their blade material, sharpening accessibility, etc.

High-quality types of stainless steel are used as blade material for knives. Stainless steels are lightweight, easy to sharpen and hold the edge for long durability. There are also several materials to manufacture knife blades. But quality stainless steel has more strength, durability, and it isn’t affected by corrosion or staining.


How long do steak knives last?

Though most people can’t get the best one, a good knife can last a lifetime if users take care properly. But this process is very hard; generally, after taking proper maintenance, a good knife can last for about twenty years.

But survival depends on not only maintenance but also some factors. Using frequency, the blade materials, and more exceptional cases. However, people need an average quality knife for lasting decades, though that will not for a lifetime.

Is it better to have a straight blade or a serrated blade?

A straight blade is known as a plain or fine edge, and it’s uniform from end to end and has a blade with a sharpened cutting side. Serrated knives contain sharpened and durable cutting edges. And it is marked with jagged teeth extended from start to the ends of the blade. People should choose to carry a knife that’s right for everyday use. As the whole mechanism suits everyday work, I prefer serrated blades.

Final Word 

A sharpened knife will provide value and efficiency to your work. If you follow the tips and methods on – how to sharpen a steak knife, the blades will be long-lasting.

Avoid purchasing low-priced knives, which leads you to several issues and makes your working slow. Moreover, most of them are not designed for sharpening after use. So, a set of steak knives will make your kitchen wealthy and efficient.

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