How to Use a Meat Grinder?

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If you want to enjoy a delicious food variety with meat, then the meat should be ground properly. A grinder is a must for ground meat in your kitchen. So, how to use a meat grinder?

There are two types of grinders available at the market and one of them is the latest automatic grinder while the other one is a manual grinder. Both of the grinders have different running mechanisms and the result also varies.

However, in this content, you will get to know about the meat grinder, how to use an automatic grinder, how to use a manual meat grinder, Tips for grinding meat. Some FAQs will also help you to choose a meat grinder. So, without further I delay- let’s begin.

Why Do You Need the Meat Grinder at Your Kitchen?

If you need to grind the meat for a specific food recipe, then what will you do? You will take your meat and go to a meat shop to grind them. In that case, there is an issue with hygienic food and non-hygienic food. To keep the issue aside, it is best to grind your meat in your kitchen.

Different types of meats are available at different times and you will choose the one that you and your family love to have. A grinder is a must for preparing ground meat food at any time you want in your kitchen.

You can prepare-

  1. Burger
  2. Ground meat potato
  3. Ground meat pasta
  4. Cranberry meatballs
  5. Creamy meatballs
  6. Meatball subs
  7. Taco spuds and many more.

How to Grind Meat in the Kitchen?

You have known the importance of using a meat grinder and want to use one in your kitchen. You may have bought a new meat grinder or someone else has gifted one to you. So, how to use a meat grinder like a pro? You should follow some steps to grind your meat. The meat can be pork, beef, or anything else. Follow the following process and considerations. By following these considerations and processes you will know how to use a meat grinder machine. The considerations are-

  •       Machine and Meat Temperature
  •       Size of the Meat
  •       Re-Grinding
  •       Seasoning

Machine and Meat Temperature

First of all, you need to manage a machine by which you will start grinding meat. Once you have the equipment then you are ready to grind. But, before starting you need to keep in mind that the meat you are grinding should be frozen at low temperature. When the temperature of the meat is low the grinding will be perfect. You can freeze the meat at 15 degrees celsius. The output of the ground meat will be very good. For fatty meat, the temperature should be controlled.

Size of the Meat

For grinding meat, the size of the meat is an important consideration. You can cut the meat by using your meat-cutting knife. It depends on the food you are going to prepare though.

The boneless short rib of the meat is a great cut for grinding. So, you need to be careful about the meat cutting size. The size of the meat should be suitable according to your grinding machine and the food you are going to prepare.


After finishing the grinding you may notice that your meat is not ground perfectly as you are expecting. In that case, you need to re-grind the meat by putting it again into the machine. This is a very important note to follow as the meat is a solid substance. Re-grinding will allow you to give the meat any shape you want.


For having a good taste of meat, season the meat before grinding. For various dishes, the seasoning may vary and you need to mix the seasoning perfectly according to the food you are preparing with the ground meat.

Process of Grinding Meat

To grind the meat into a grinder you need to follow the following steps by accepting the previous considerations-

Step 1: Take the Meat

In this step, you should take the cut meat into a bowl and prepare your machine. Now, connect the machine’s cord to an electric port and don’t turn on the machine yet.

Important Caution:  Be careful about your finger as the grinder has a very sharp edge with high-speed rotation.”

Step 2: T-Link Setup

Before putting the meat into the machine set up the T-link perfectly and tighten it perfectly. Now, insert the screw into the T-link.

Step 3: Feed the Meat

Now, feed the meat into the machine’s feeder and turn on the machine and wait.

Step 4: Collect the Meat

In this last step place a bowl to the output area of the grinder and collect the ground meat and you are done with grinding. Turn off the grinder and clean the machine with water.

Is It Good To Use a Manual Grinder?

A manual grinder is also used in lots of kitchens as the grinder is available at a cheap price. Again, the manual grinder provides almost the same result as an electric grinder does. But, you need to give effort to grinding with a manual grinder. You may ask how to use an old fashioned meat grinder?

It follows the same process where the difference is you need to rotate the blade with your hand. So, grinding a small amount of meat in a manual grinder is okay but for large amounts grinding requires more effort.


  1. What can I do with a meat grinder?

– You can grind any kind of meat with a meat grinder in your kitchen easily. Make sure that you have separated the bones from the meat.

  1. How to mix meat after grinding?

– In the latest grinding machine there is a portion to mix meat for those who want to mix meat food like beef with pork meat. You can also mix the ground meat by your hand into a bowl.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood how to use a meat grinder. Now, you can grind your meat in your home kitchen and prepare desired dishes. You need to clean the machine every time you finish grinding and need to be careful about children’s safety. Place the grinder in a place where kids can’t reach and that’s how you can ensure safety.

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