How to Use A Rotisserie Oven

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Are you planning on grilling a chicken but you have no clue about how to use your best rotisserie oven? Then you have entered the right place because we are about to help you learn using it.

But before we jump on the facts directly, you need to know a rotisserie oven is used not to cook food but to bake. And the rotisserie is particularly used to grill meats by its rotating mechanism.

The process of grilling meats using it is pretty straightforward. Just follow each step we will mention and you will learn to use the oven rotisserie in no time.

We added more information including tips you will need to maintain and understand the oven. So, without more ado, let’s get to the topic.

How to Use A Rotisserie Oven: Steps &Tips

Well, to use the rotisserie oven you must follow some simple steps. This technology requires a little effort and carefulness. Now, at first, we should understand what are a rotisserie oven includes?

In general, OTG is the correct oven to use the rotisserie and it comes with 3 shelves. It’s also provided with rods, upper and lower.

Most of the ovens are given rotisseries, so you can use the theme right after buying an oven for rotisserie. The rod or stick is called spit. Also, a pair of hooks may come with the stick too. If the hooks are missing you can buy them later.

Now that you know about the rotisserie, let’s check out the easy steps of using a rotisserie oven.

Step 1 – Prepare The Food You Want To Grill 

In the first place, prepare the chicken you are willing to grill. Don’t forget to marinate it for a while so that the spices and sauces go into the chicken properly.

Step 2 – Now, take out the rod or spit 

Carefully push the stick into the chicken or skewer it. Make sure you have skewered the chicken on the spit with an even balance. Keeping the right balance is necessary to reduce the stress on the motor.

Step 3 – Take the hooks of spit and attach them 

Take the hooks of spit and attach them carefully with the rod by screwing their screws. Screw them tight and check if the corners of the hooks have got into the meat.

Step 4 – Preheat the rotisserie oven 

Preheat the rotisserie oven at a temperature of 250 degrees. Preheat the oven for 10 minutes because it will save a lot of time to bake.

Step 5 – Stick and put the rotisserie 

With the help of a jack take the rotisserie stick and put it on the rotisserie oven’s stick holder. Be careful while setting the spit on the spit holder and then turn on the rotisserie.

Step 6 – Put a tray 

Put a tray on the lowest part of the oven, so that the juices that will come out of the meat will fall over it. Later you can easily wash it and thus maintain its cleanliness.

Step 7 – Shut the oven door 

Shut the oven door and keep the temperature to 250 degrees. Set the time for 50 minutes and turn on the rotisserie mode. After 50 minutes take out the chicken because it will be baked.

You can grill other meats as well following the exact steps. Piece of cake right? The procedure will seem simpler as much as you will practice.

Pro Tips

Experts believe sticking to the pro tips can improve any skill whether It’s cooking, making, or using something. Therefore we have listed some pro tips which will make you a pro with rotisserie cooking. Let’s take a quick sneak pick at them.

  1. Do not open the rotisserie oven door 

By opening the door of a rotisserie oven you let the temperature inside go down dramatically. Even this act can cause the temperature to drop at 25 degrees.

  1. Coat your meat to be grilled with oil 

The temperature fluctuations can dry your chicken out if It’s not coated well with cooking oil. Hence, coat it with a good amount of oil because eventually, the oil will reduce by falling on the oven’s tray with the meat’s juice.

  1. Peek from the window 

It’s human nature to get excited while baking something, especially when it’s for the first time. We check the food inside of the oven often to check how much it is cooked. But a pro never does this, rather a pro cook peeks from the oven’s window, and this way they let the temperature stay the same inside of the oven rotisserie.

  1. Avoid Aluminum Foil Papers 

Some believe putting aluminum foil papers inside the rotisserie can help bake faster. But the truth is it can only increase the risk of your oven getting damaged sooner. Foil papers can reflect the heat which can heat other heating elements of your oven and burn them. Instead, go for the silicon-made oven liner. This is specifically designed to use inside the oven.

  1. Clean every time before you bake 

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t often use the rotisserie, you must clean the oven accurately. Or else the smell inside of the oven and dust can ruin the taste of the grills.

How to Clean Rotisserie Oven

Every machine needs cleaning and maintenance to perform well. So does the rotisserie oven. Cleaning it does not need a lot of effort but a little. We will now look at the cleaning procedure below.

Process 1 – After every cooking, there are leftovers inside the oven that we call debris and grease. Remove them first with a wet clean piece of cloth.

Process 2 – After the removal of grease, debris sprays some wall or floor cleaner inside the window of the rotisserie. Let it sit at least for five minutes. wipe it to clean the window.

Process 3 – In a very little amount of soap mixed water we the cloth again. squeeze it appropriately and clean both the inner and outer parts of the oven.

Process 4 – Wash the trays and rods separately. Let them air dry and when they are dried put them back into the rotisserie. And you are done cleaning it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Can you bake a cake in a rotisserie oven? 

Yes, a rotisserie oven is a baker. So, it can bake cakes. Not only cakes but any kind of baking is possible with the rotisserie.

Q2. Can you cook a turkey in a rotisserie oven? 

Of course, cooking a turkey in a rotisserie is possible, and the rotisserie is the right choice to cook the turkey. Rotisseries are obvious for any grilling.

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Final Words

A rotisserie oven is a must for grilling because unlike other ovens it is the only machine that has a rotation mechanism. We explained in detail how you can use your oven rotisserie and hope you too can use it without facing any difficulty. Do use and clean it following the mentioned ways and have a happy baking journey with your very own rotisserie oven.

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