How to use cheese knife set: Ultimate Guide and FAQ

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Suppose you have a good amount of cheese on the board, and you’re going to make your dishes delicious. At the time of slicing the cheese, you can’t do the job thoroughly with your normal kitchen knives. Or you don’t know how to use cheese knife sets. That’s why you are not able to do the slicing job perfectly.

No worries, this article is going to be helpful for you. Here we’ll introduce several types of cheese knives and how to use them effectively. A proper cheese knife set will give you access to cut or slice both hard and soft cheese.

Let’s get into it.

How to use cheese knife set: Complete Guide

You can use normal knives to slice or cut your cheese. But they are not featured to cut cheese professionally. There are several types of cheese knives that people buy as a set or collect individually. Each of the knives is designed for a different purpose.

How you use cheese knives and cut the cheese effects on its flavor on the dishes. That’s why it’s important to select the correct one to get a perfect cut as your expectation. If you use a thick blade-sized knife such as a chef’s, that wills mush the shape of the cheese. Or suppose you’re trying to cut hard cheeses like Parmigiano with a soft cheese knife; it’ll make weird slices at the end.

So now you must be looking at which type of knife you can use in which situation. There is no such rule to adjust the knife with hands before cutting cheese, but several types of knives differ depending on the type of the job and type of cheese.

Let’s take a look at different types of cheese knives out there and their uses,

Types of Cheese Knives

Cheese knives come in several varieties, such as short, pointy, long, rounded, etc. As a newbie or first-time user, it’ll be a bit confusing. Follow our guides to know how to use cheese knives.

Soft Cheese Knife

The main problem is that soft cheeses like fresh mozzarella or gorgonzola are intended to stick to the knife blades. If you can use a minimal manufactured knife that is extremely thin, that will be great not to waste the cheese or mess with the slice.

That’s why a soft cheese knife is used for. Its thinner blades with holes on the surface area that cheese can stick to give a smooth slice and stick-free cutting experience.

Cheese Spreader

Some types of cheese are so soft to cut or slice. You can spread those cheeses with a spreader. To use softer cheese on the bread for sandwiches, you can use the spread, which is designed to apply your pressure efficiently on the purpose of cheese smearing. Some people call it a spatula cheese knife; it’s an important addition to your cheeseboard for frequent use by anyone.

Gorgonzola Knife

Gorgonzola knife is another spreading cheese knife, the same as a spatula knife. This knife is good to spread creamy cheese on the surface of bread-made foods like burgers, pizza slices. The difference of this cheese spreader is its length and rounded blade with a sharp edge.

If you are collecting each type of cheese cutter, gorgonzola will be the one instead of a standard cheese spreader. It’s easily usable to spread soft, crumbly cheeses over the bread.

Pronged Cheese Knife

This knife is called an all-rounder cheese knife. There is no type of cheese cutting progression that you can’t do with this knife. It’s admirable to cut from firm, aged to soft cheeses. Along with being an all-rounder, this is also a master of nothing.

This knife is not so strong to cut hard cheeses, and thicker blades can easily cut soft ones. But if you’re looking for a compact, usable cheese knife, then it’s recommended to grab a pronged cheese knife.

Slim Blade Cheese Knife

This slim blade knife is ideal for cutting soft cheeses like camembert, Bourgault, creamy blues, etc., easily without deforming their soft manufacturing. If you use general or extra thickened blade knives, these tools will ruin the posture and test of cheese slices. Slim blade knife designed with a thin narrow blade, sharp edge, and raided handle lets you easily cut to the cheese.

Flat Cheese Knife

This knife is ideal for cutting hard cheese such as gouda or cheddar. While you need to shave or chip-aged cheeses, you can do it with this specially designed knife. According to its name, this knife allows you to cut small pieces without crushing the hard cheese all over the boards.

Narrow Plane Knife

A narrow plane knife’s mechanism is similar to a flat cheese knife. For its long rectangular blade, you can cut off any semi-soft to hard cheeses like gouda, Jarlsberg, etc. Also, the two sides of the blade are sharp, which can easily slice or small-shaped cheese.

Cheddar Cheese Knife

This cheese knife is also called a cheese cleaver. This knife is an ideal option to choose with your cheese knife set. To cut cheeses like cube or diving up larger can be done easily with this mini cleaver. This knife looks like a mini meat cleaver, which you can keep in your knife drawer.

Parmesan Knife

It would be best if you had a knife that can cut or break the chunk of hard cheeses. This specially manufactured knife is much more useful than other knives for hard cheeses like parmesan. Its sharp edge, strong, and thin blade make your work with hard cheese easy.

Hard Cheese Knife

To cut hard cheeses, you should need a large blade in the cheese knife set at your home. That necessity will be fulfilled by the largest cheese knives around the cheese knife variations. You can use this knife to cut smaller portions to the whole wheel of the hard cheeses like asiago, provolone, etc.


1. How long do cheese knives last?

Cheese knives are made of stainless steel with a strong handle to hold in hand. If you take care of them, such as washing every used knife immediately after finishing the job, it will increase the knives’ lastings. Normally, if you properly use your knives, they’ll last more than one year or even a lifetime.

2. How sharp are cheese knives?

Not every cheese knife is sharp. According to the purpose of manufacturing, there are several types of sharp cheese knives. For example, a soft cheese knife has a short side that helps slice and cut the cheeses thinner.

Final Word

Now we know the types and variations of cheese knives and how to use cheese knife sets. To make your party or casual happy days with cheese more delicious and decorated, you can have a set of cheese knives along with your kitchen appliances. It’ll be efficient to use on the cheeseboard and enjoy the dishes.

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