Kitchen Meat Slicer (Honest Review And A Buyer’s Guide)

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Do you like to prepare food items with meat slices in your daily routine? If yes, then you should buy a meat slicer. It comes with multiple features to make your task easy and comfortable. But you cannot enjoy the facilities if you fail to choose the kitchen meat slicer.

The kitchen meat slicer for home use is an important kitchen tool. Keeping the consistency of meat slices without the slicer is a hard task. It will be more difficult when you need huge pieces of slices.

With a perfect size thin meat slice, you can make your snacks or meals. A Sandwich, Mongolian Beef, beef roll, and more can be a great part with the perfect shape of meat slices. Our article will help you to learn every single part to pick the best kitchen meat slicer for you.

Why do you need a meat slicer? 

Not only for cutting meat but also for the vegetables, fruits, or other salad or spices items. The best kitchen meat slicer can be your best kitchen companion while you are making delicious food items.

The efficiency and the informality of a meat slicer is the first point of attraction. Manually or with the power of electricity, you can get the slices faster. The machine is too easy and flexible for all.

It will give you the real size slices with the thinnest cut. Buying a pre-slice food item is pricier than non-slices items. That is how the machine will save your money with extra time.

Top 10 kitchen meat slicer 2023

If you need to cut the cheese, bread, or meat frequently, you will know the difficulties of cutting out the perfect shape and the thickness every time. On the market, you will find various brands of meat slicers. But they all are not high-quality products with the desire features.

After participating in a long day’s survey, we have selected the list of kitchen meat slicers. We can assure you that our listed meat slicers will help you to find out your desirable tool for the kitchen, home, or outdoor activities.

1. Electric Kitchen Meat Slicer 


Chefs Choice 615A is an efficient and fast slicer with a removable blade. As a grey lover with an easy cleaning process, you should pick Chefs Choice slicer. Comes with 7 inches blade with easy thickness controlling and food carriage.

A budget-friendly device with cast aluminum material. The total dimension of the tool is 15.5 x 10.4 x 11 inches. Round shape blade with an automatic operating system. Flexible to move anywhere alone due to the weight of 10.61 pounds.

A special feature to lock the limit access or to adjust the thickness of the texture. Able to use the slicer for multi-reason and expandable thickness from very thin to three or four inches thickness. Attached with all removable parts and easy cleaning methods.

The metal rod can damage the gear teeth after few uses. For replacement, maximum parts may not be available in stock. The difference between the old and new versions is the supplier, serial number & level code.

  • Handsome style with a powerful motor
  • Fast and efficient
  • Wide variety of food particles
  • Constructed with stainless steel and cast aluminum
  • Used 120 watts of power
  • Cool engine running
  • High-speed torque motor
  • Smooth gear-drive for continue operating
  • 10 inches diameter of food carriage
  • Plastic gear can create a mesh with a metal spinning rod
  • Not for heavy uses

2. Befen Stainless Steel Meat Cutter


As a responsible housemaster, you want to save money and assure safety first. The Befen will cover both. Ask me how? The machine or the blade of the slicer is not powered by electricity. So you save your electricity bill & refrain from electrical accidents.

The Befen is manufactured with stainless steel materials with a handle portion. Stainless steel will make the cleaning process easy, and the handle will help you keep the meats on the shelf strictly. Item dimension is 17.99 x 9.49 x 4.02 inches and ready to set anywhere.

Buying pre-sliced meat is more expensive than regular meat pieces. So you can save that extra money by using this frozen meat or beef slicer. The blade comes with 7.9,” and the total weight is 2.3 kg. You can adjust the thickness of the meat slicer from 0.2-20mm.

Stir fry or Korean BBQ or beef brisket, pizza, sandwich, or more, prepare the meat slices as you want. It will consume time and money. So you can compare the slicer as the kitchen meat slicer on this list.

  • High-quality meat slicer
  • Durable and hassle-free
  • One year warranty
  • Budget-friendly
  • Two suction cups
  • Meat holders, ten meat bags, and two blades
  • Stain removable
  • Easy to clean different parts
  • Easy blade replacement
  • The dishwasher is not acceptable to clean the slicer

3. Elite Kitchen Meat Slicer


Elite Gourmet is an EMT-625B color aluminum grade machine with a stainless steel blade. If you search for an automatic controlled electronic slicer, then Elite Gourmet is the best one. Remove blade with adjustable thickness. Ideal for frozen hardy texture.

Not only meat, but you can also cut the cheese, vegetables, bread, or other sliceable texture. Medium size product with the dimension of 9.25 x 13.75 x 10.8 inches. Happily use for your home or the restaurant or other places. Save your precious time, money & effort.

Ask me how? Well, now you don’t need to buy the store-bought pre-meat slices. You can do it easily by using the device. The machine is too user-friendly. So you do not need to expend extra time for slicing the foods.

Set the slicer machine and place your food on the food carriage, then turn on the switch. Weit until the slicing is fully completed. Use this machine like a pro version of a meat slicer. Today every modern house should have this great quality meat slicer in their kitchen.

  • Easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Pack with safety guide for the users
  • Adjusting thickness dial
  • Wide slicing platform
  • Removable blade
  • Noisy when the activities overloaded

4. Pro Series Meat Slicer


The brand is coming with stainless colors, materials, and blades. Very nice standard color to attract the users’ attention. Featured with stain-resistant quality. Seven inches round shape blade with 13 x 9 x 10.3 dimension and the weight is only 1 pound.

Automatic operating system to consume your time. Powered by 180 watts motor to continue slicing service. So you can easily use the machine for heavy performance. Control the thickness or the thinness of your food texture through the knob controlling.

Here the carriage is designed with non-slip feet to hold the meat sturdily and safely. Highly professional quality blade to cut the meats with perfect style and thickness. As a professional or expert chef, you should also read the manufacturer’s guidelines first.

You can compare the price of this product to a good deal. But make sure you are ordering the current product from a trusted media. If you are running out a bulk of slicing pressure, order this product to make it simple.

  • A heavy-duty slicer
  • Automatic food slicing
  • Durable and efficient
  • Easy controlling
  • Rustproof stainless steel blade
  • Stable feet to hold the food items
  • Dial pad to adjust the thickness of the food texture
  • Noisy for hardy food slicing
  • Small size food slicing room

5. CUSIMAX Meat Slicer 


When you are investigating exclusive kitchen tools, you should find something worthy of it. Especially for the food slicer, you have to compare the functionalities, durability’s, blade sharpness, and many more. Summiting all those qualities, you can find out the best hardcore meat slicer.

You can claim Cusimax Electric as an all-in-one meat slicing machine. Does it keep the promise? Well, let you know the feature details of CUSIMAX. This product knows the tricks of winning the competition with the competitors.

Silver color stainless material with automatic operating mood. No tension about the hidden food slicing parts due to the easy cleaning parts. So no chance of hidden food portion. The machine is also featured with dishwasher-safe materials. The dishwasher can not do any harm.

Manufactured with the most advanced quality bearing and drive belt structure. Without any lubricant, you can run the gear drives. Easy maintenance with durable service. Upgrade stainless steel blade with 420 sharp cutting quality without food stuck.

6. Chef’sChoice 609A000 609A 


If you are looking for a slicer for the home duty and outdoor, Chef’sChoice 609A000 609A  is the one you need. Easy maintenance with no sound pollution. Stainless steel blade with thickness controlling .A 7 inches length blade with a silver color design.

Though the slicer blade is round in shape with 8.53 pounds weight, the total dimension is 15.5 x 10.38 x 11 inches, flexible to move from one place to another place. No worries! This one also comes with an automatic operating mood.

Manufacturers are quite intelligent in that they used a base fuse to control the heat and noise of the device. After a long time, uses the base of the slicer or the motor will stay cool for the special manufacturing technology, which makes the device different than others.

The blade can provide you razor-thin slices until ¾ inches thickness texture. Engineers used ABS plastic to make it more smooth and durable. Not only that, it will support the glide rail with minimum friction. So the motor will produce less noise.

  • Easy cleaning methods
  • Safety fuse to control overheating
  • Decent size food item carriage
  • ABS plastic to ensure less noise and overheating
  • Blade locking mechanism
  • Affordable and suitable for indoor or outdoor
  • Toothed blade

7. F2C Professional Stainless Kitchen Steel slicer


To satisfy our hunger, we like to prepare our dishes in a short time. But the test should be amazing. The combination of robberies feet then the aluminum casing will add more satisfaction level.

The F2C meat slicer comes with a semi-auto feature. Have a 240W powerful motor with high-speed slice-making quality. It will reduce the food preparing time and also save energy. One thing you will love. A 10 inches stainless steel blade with built-in whetstones.

Using a button, you can control your blade sharpness. Handles will help you to use the machine comfortably. Output holes will support it to diffuse the heat of the electric motor. Countertop protected by the rubber feet. Non-slip grip to hold the solid meat tightly.

The machine can also cut bread, cheese, vegetables, or other food items to make a perfect slice. A perfect thin slice can increase the teste of preparing foods. You can manage the thickness of the slice up to 13 mm.

  • Heavy-duty food slicer
  • Easy controlling
  • 240W horsepower motor
  • Durable stainless steel blade
  • Built-in Whetstones
  • Rubber feet
  • Transparent plastic material plate
  • Scale knob
  • Easy disassembling
  • Heavyweight ( 35 pounds)
  • Not easy to move anywhere

8. BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium


What do we find in a first-grade meat slicer? The sharpness of the blade, durability, motor quality, long-time service, efficiency, high speed, and affordability. Do you want the same? Then do not wander here and there. This one is for you.

No matter you need this machine for indoor or outdoor purposes. Commercial grade slicer suitable for all types of places. Materials used to manufacture the machine are Rubber, carbonate steel, and aluminum. Three combinations make a perfect outlook for all types of users.

These all make a slicer more worthy to the customers. All outstanding features included with BESWOOD 10 to make a great distance than the other products. Though you need to operate the slicer manually, the weight is slightly more than the other models.

Thirty-three pounds meat slicer is not so easy to move alone. Never try to do it. That can lead to an uncertain accident.  The On/Off switch is laminated with a double layer for user protection. All visible features will satisfy you commercially and economically.

  • Flexible to use
  • Powerful motor
  • Silent operating mood
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean the equipment
  • Build-in whetstones
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and well designed
  • USA standard
  • 1-year warranty
  • Heavyweight

9. VBENLEM Commercial Meat Slicer


When you search for a heavyweight high-performance food cutter with a long dimension blade, then VBENLEM is the one you need. The food cutter is powered with 250W semi-auto functionality. Adjustable thickness depending on the meats, beef, veggies, or fruits.

Silver color food cutter with 12 inches length stainless steel blade. Full body manufactured with carbonate steel to make the machine more durable with high configuration. The dimension of full-body is 23 x 20 x 19 inches.

But the problem is 49 pounds weight may not be comfortable for all users. You can not store this machine on a light cupboard or light wooden table. Need to arrange a stable place to keep the slicer and work comfortably.

The product also comes with an anti-rust protective surface. Anti-skid rubber feed will make it more stable while operating. Pure copper motor to create a perfect slice instantly. Regulating thickness knob with a build-in sharpener makes it out of the box.

  • Premium quality
  • Active pusher
  • Pusher handle
  • 12 inches diameter blade
  • Semi-auto electric slicer
  • Well designed with easy operating
  • Wider space top keep the foods
  • Powerful performance
  • Reliable and safe
  • Heavyweight
  • Expensive

10. WeChef Commercial Electric Meat Slicer


Who doesn’t like all in one facility? WeChef Meat Slicer will work like all slicing or cutting in one machine. Heavy performance with the combination of carbon steel and stainless steel. Twelve inches round shape stainless steel blade for wider and smooth slicing.

The maximum time we get worried about the blade’s sharpness. The duration of its sharpness and the sharpening procedure or requirements. You can control your blade sharpness with the help of build-in whetstones. It is a safe and easy formula to sharpen your slicer.

The adjustable scale knob can be expanded from 0 to 5/8” back and forth. Removable and shameless features to get the user’s attention. The transparent plastic plate will support you to avoid meat falling during the slicing job.

As a professional chef or a home chef, you will love this slicer to make slices your routine daily fruit, cheese, bread, or others. The cutter will help you to decorate the foods like deli-style or restaurant-style decoration also.

  • Powerful heavy-duty motor with 270W
  • Thickness adjustable scale knob
  • Easy cleaning
  • Handle for stubble support
  • Build-in whetstones
  • Durable
  • User friendly
  • No warranty
  • Dishwasher not safe

Meat Slicer Safety Tips

Basically, a meat slicer is a kitchen tool to help you out from overloaded slices making pressure. In our daily cooking routine, we like to keep many delicious food recipes. So finding the kitchen meat slicer and use it carefully is our next responsibility.

No matter what, if it is in the kitchen, home, restaurant, or any other deli place. You should follow these tips to stay safe and sound.

The following points need to learn before buying the tool:

  • Read the instruction manual of the slicer carefully
  • The operator should have legal age permission (18+ age)
  • Place it on a non-slippery stable place
  • Cut-resistant gloves using
  • Make sure the working area is not cluttered with other objects
  • Focus on your main job
  • Before setting the thickness of the meat slicer, unplug it
  • Use the food pusher or different tamper to push the meat
  • Never wait until you reach across your slicer
  • Turn off the power button before start cleaning the meat slicer
  • With proper caution, clean the slicer
  • Place slightly frozen meat to make proper slices
  • Avoid bones to make slices
  • Lock the blade and unplug the switch you are not using it
  • Never move the slicer alone. It is heavier than other kitchen tools

N:B: You should not lift the blade cover while the power is not turned off or disconnected.

How to clean meat slicer

Before cleaning the meat slicer, you should have to know the reason for cleaning your meat slicer. What can happen if you do not clean your slicer regularly? It can invite foodborne illness, which can cause various diseases.

When you are using the meat slicer constantly, wash it after every 4 hours. The food residue will be liable for bacteria growth. That can also transfer the test of your food texture.

Slicer has some specific problem areas. When you are going to clean your slicer, you should keep those points in your mind. By applying two different methods, you can clean your slicer. Light cleaning and deep cleaning. A clean meat slicer also runs smoothly.

Even you have picked the best meat slicer, yet you have to follow these rules. Without proper care, nothing lasts long.

  • Both methods need to unplug the machine if it is an electric meat slicer.
  • Take a paper or towel to remove the large particles of food
  • Now take a food-grade cleaner with a new piece of cloth. Pour them into hot water.
  • Wipe down the ring ground, slicer handle, blade ground with the wet cloth.
  • Don’t miss the other portion like product pusher, carriage, catcher area, and others.
  • Continue the process until you clean the meat slicer completely.

Meat slicer vs. knife 

Meat slicer is naturally used in a large butcher shop, super shop, restaurant, or other food preparing or selling places. When you need to cut the meats or other food items randomly, you should use a meat slicer.

Electric meat slicers don’t need any manual pressure. And you can get the exact size and shape every time. On the other hand, a knife needs to apply through your hand pressure. It takes more time but not more effective than a meat slicer.

The texture can be in different sizes and shape with a knife. Energy limitation can be a blockage of using a knife. The knife also helps to cut or make slices of food items. But if you need a thinner cut or slice of meat randomly, a meat slicer is the best.

Comparison between manual and automatic meat slicer:

  • Some of us may not be interested to know about manual slicers. Just because it is only for the non-professionals. That can be the home kitchen owner or the non-professional chef. Manual meat slicers have two different models.
  • One is powered with an electric motor to run the spin and the blade with high speed. You just need to turn on the power button to run the spin and the blade. Then place your meat on the carriage. You can move the meat from side to side for accurate thickness and shape.
  • Sometimes the manufacturers called the manual slicer a gravity slicer due to the self-feeding slicing method. This type of slicer is efficient, reduces waste with build-in sharpening features.
  • When you need to cut a large portion of meat into slices, an automatic slicer is the best. The whole machine is powered by electricity. Pusher, motor, slicing blade, and even the movement of the carriage all will automatically complete meat slicing.
  • An automatic meat slicer is popular for its continuous slicing mood without any assistance. This convenient way is the best preferable option for any deli stores, restaurants, super shops, or local food shops. Set the machine and get continued support with any helping stuff.
  • Wrong instruction or wrong steps can be the result of an uncertain accident or injury. Sometimes the automatic slicer comes with a digital program setup. You need to press a button to make the slices. Need to control the machine properly to avoid any error or injury.

Things to Consider When Buying a Meat slicer 

When you are going to buy a meat slicer, you have to understand first the difference between quality and substandard meat slicers. Finding out the commercial difference between them is the first step of buying a slicer.

Reviewing certain issues before making a decision is helpful in making the right decision. As a chef, you will definitely find the best electronic meat slicer with manual or automatic power. Our instructions will help you to pick the right brand slicer with all the effective features.


Blade size is the must comparing fact for a meat slicer. The dimension of the blade starts from 8” to 14”. The calculation is very clear that a small size blade-like is not enough comfortable as a large 14” blade. A large dimension will make the slicer faster than the smaller dimension slicer.


The speed and the frequency of the blade or the machine depend on the motor power and the torque. Motor power and the quality will tell you the duration of running your service. A more powerful motor means more working time and more effort.


According to the product weight or size the function of the slab, cutting tray and the blade will be set. These will also assure the holding capacity of meat on the meat slicer. Determined which dimension slab you need to perform your duty smoothly.

The cleaning and maintaining process, gear drives or belts, automatic or manuals, safety line maintenance are also important things to focus on before buying the Best Electric or Manual Meat Slicers.

Type of meat slicer

On the market, you will find three types of meat slicers. Light duty, standard duty, and heavy-duty meat slicer. Then come manual or electronic which one you prefer? So you have to fix it, which one is the kitchen meat slicer for you.

Light duty is for occasional users for nearly one hour a day or week. Standard duty is heavier than the lighter slicer. As a restaurant owner or to work with this device for 1 to 4 hours a day, you can pick this slicer.

Heavy-duty only for those users who need to use the meat slicer continuously. Though the slicer is more reliable than the others. In the busiest restaurant, super shop, or in food processing shop, a heavy-duty slicer can free you from the busyness.

 Buyer’s Guide 

1. Can you cut frozen meat with a meat slicer?

Complete frozen meat is harder to make a slice. Also can damager the blade of your slicer. We would like to suggest you apply light frozen meat to make slices through the slicer. It will be more flexible to make slices.

2.  Can a meat slicer cut bone?

Meat slicer is only to cut the meats or flexible items like vegetables or fruits. To cut the bones you can use a bone saw to save the sharpness of your meat slicer. Not only that, cutting bones can create an uncertain accident.

3. What size meat slicer do I need?

Follow our buying guides and find out the exact volume you need to cut through your slicer. All will help you to pick the perfect size for you. According to your requirements, select the blade size and the product size.

Blade size also depends on the whole product size. Sometimes the users only think about the product size. The short space owner would like to pick the smaller size slicer. Do not forget that the smaller size product also contains a small size blade.

4. How to care for a meat slicer?

Any kitchen or cooking accessories need to take regular cleaning procedure. Few times for cleaning the tools will save your life and health. If it comes at the time of a heavy-duty meat slicer, clean frequently or regularly.

To clear the proper cleaning concept or methods, you can visit our cleaning and safety tips portion. Those will help you to have a proper sanitize meat slicer. Follow the manufacturers’ guidelines also.


  1.     How to sharpen a meat slicer blade by hand?

Oh, are the blades blunt? No worries! You can manually sharpen your blade with your hands. Maximum it can take 40 seconds. Turn off the plug or switch and unscrew the blade cover. Change the cover portion setting and screw it to the blade portion.

Turn on the switch or power button of the slicer and press the blade on a running mood. The cross-match between your blade and the blade cover will sharpen your blade automatically.

  1.     Is a meat slicer worth it?

Depending on the functionality and the size, the price can be different. As an owner of a large family who likes delicious food items every day, you need to buy a family size or heavy-duty slicer.

Frequent and faster service with extra benefits will be more expensive. The performance or the service of the meat slicer is worth the price.

  1.     Can you slice raw meat with a meat slicer?

When you want to make meat slices through the slicer the meat should be firm enough to avoid any messy condition. Make slices with floppy or lazy type meats is more difficult than the light frozen or fresh firm meat.

Goodbye Notes

However, what do you think? Till now it’s difficult to pick the best kitchen meat slicer? Definitely not. If you read all of our above mention parts, then the idea of picking the kitchen meat slicer became clear to you.

VBENLEM Commercial Meat Slicer is a premium quality heavy-duty meat slicer. If you have enough budget and search for a durable high-performance slicer with an extra-length blade, then pick this one.

All product does not come with a warranty. But we have listed multiple products with one year warranty. Like Befen meat slicer and BESWOOD 10″. To secure your investment, you can pick any of them. We also have taken the manual and automatic meat slicers. Now the decision is yours.

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