What Is Microwave Oven Biggest Size? The Top Recommendations

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Microwave ovens have transformed the cooking procedure largely and, nowadays, are part and parcel of every home. It eliminates the risk of burning your hand and also ensures proper cooking. Moreover, microwave ovens are available in various sizes for small to large families and even industrial applications with ease.

If you have a large family or a restaurant, you might want to know about the microwave oven biggest size and which company manufacturers it. That’s why we will show you the top five largest microwave ovens worldwide for versatile cooking applications.

Why Should You Get A Microwave Oven?

Microwave ovens are great. You might have heard it from everyone. But, what makes a microwave oven so useful and great in practical life?

Here’re the top reasons for using a microwave oven at every home. It includes:

  • The interior and exterior of the microwave oven have excellent insulation. So, unlike other cooking alternatives, it remains cool although the food inside it remains hot. So, it saves your hands from burning and scalding.
  • When you preheat any food item before grilling or frying it on the pan, the cooking time will reduce significantly. It also reduces carcinogenic char. So, you can enjoy a portion of better and more hygienic food.
  • Since the microwave oven reduces the cooking time, the nutrients remain intact in the food item. So, you will enjoy better nutrition with food cooked in the microwave oven. It is healthier and also pretty beneficial for daily nutrition.
  • One of the key benefits of using a microwave is that it uses considerably less energy than other cooking alternatives, including standard stoves. Thus, you will find the microwave oven a great help to save your utility bills.
  • Last but not least, microwave ovens are highly compact. Thus, it doesn’t consume bigger kitchen or dining room space. Thanks to the modern design, it will easily fit into a corner without eating up too much space and looks pretty aesthetically pleasant.

The Microwave Oven Biggest Size:

You will microwave ovens mainly in four different sizes. The size chart includes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

The size of the microwave oven is measured in cubic feet (Cu Ft) or liters. When you decide to get a microwave oven, consideration is key. You should consider the type of meal you want to prepare and how many people you would have to prepare the meal. These two facts will largely determine the microwave oven size you would need.

The following list contains the biggest microwave ovens available presently in the market.

Samsung MC455TBRCSR Combination Microwave:

With an astounding 45 liters of capacity, this is the biggest Microwave oven you will find in the UK market. The powerful appliance runs on 1550W electricity and is pretty much capable of handling the meals of hundreds of people at a time.

It gives you six various modes to cook the meal. Surprisingly, this Samsung microwave comes in pretty reasonable pricing despite featuring such excellent capacity.

Sharp R959SLM Combination Microwave:

The Sharp R959SLM microwave features 40 liters of capacity. Although it is a little smaller than the Samsung model, it excels in other categories. For instance, it has eight auto modes compared to six modes of the Samsung microwave. Plus, you will get a grill with it. So, you will love the crispy finish it brings to your favorite family meal. The turntable measures approximately 360mm.

Moreover, it only needs 900W power, which is incredible when comparing it with the Samsung model.

Panasonic NN-CF873SBPQ Combination Microwave:

A combination microwave oven will function as convection and standard microwave oven. So, you will get 2-in-1 benefits with this. Hence, this Panasonic model with 32 liters of capacity and 1000W power requirement is all set to meet your commercial and residential cooking necessities perfectly.

The microwave oven includes a quartz grill and accessory shelf, which are truly amazing. However, this Panasonic microwave oven is surprisingly expensive. Thus, it might not be a great option for families.

Whirlpool JT 366/SL Microwave:

This microwave from Whirlpool has many similarities with the Panasonic model. It needs 1000W power and includes a quartz grill similar to the Panasonic model. Its capacity is 31 liters. However, which is almost half the pricing of the Panasonic microwave model. So, people with a tight budget will truly love this outstanding kitchen appliance.

Kenwood K30GSS13 Microwave:

This Kenwood microwave has 30 liters of capacity. Although it slightly falls short of the Panasonic and Whirlpool model, it’s affordable pricing makes it a great deal for your money. You will get a grill along with nine cooking modes for the microwave oven. Thus, your favorite meals will only be a few minutes away from you.

Next up, the kitchen appliance only needs 900W power, and so, it is pretty energy-efficient. So, you will love using this microwave both at home and in restaurants for some delicious delicacies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is a large size for a microwave oven?

The size sufficiency of a microwave oven depends on the number of people you will cook for with the appliance. Ideally, a 20-L microwave oven is enough for small to medium families. If you want to cook grills, choose a microwave around 21-25L capacity.

  1. Do overhead microwave ovens feature standard size?

Overhead microwave ovens height varies from 10-18 inches, and the average width is around 30 inches. You should ensure that it has optimal clearance from the range. Also, check that you can install it at a good height to work comfortably.


The microwave oven’s biggest size in the market is around 45 liters, and it comes from Samsung. Sharp and Panasonic also have a few large microwave models for commercial purposes. But you mustn’t look at the size only of this kitchen appliance. Consider its cooking modes and accessories for a convenient cooking experience when choosing a microwave oven. Tips And Suggestions On How To Use Baking Oven!

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