Natural Gas Grill Hook Up: Check The Easiest Way To Connect A Natural Gas Grill To The Gas Line Now!

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Having a natural gas line offers an opportunity to enjoy faster and tastier grills at home with family & friends. In that case,  first, a homemaker has to purchase a natural gas grill that he can easily connect to the gas line.

Now every first-timer might wonder, “How does Natural gas grill hookup work?”, “How to connect a natural gas grill to the gas line?”

 In order to hook up the natural gas grill, a gas fitter needs to connect the hose and gas grill with the gas extension’s coupling, and that’s it!



Why Has Natural Gas Gained Popularity In This Modern Day?

The popularity of natural gas has recently risen among people because of its eco-friendliness and low cost. Natural gas is comparatively cheaper than propane and won’t affect the environment badly. The only drawback of using natural gas in the grill is the low portability. That’s why a homeowner needs to run the gas line and hook it up with the gas grill.

How to Connect a Weber Natural Gas Grill to Your Gas Line?

Weber is a trusted manufacturer worldwide for its fantastic gas grills and charcoal grills. Though connecting a weber gas grill to a gas line sounds like a hassle, every homemaker can do it by following some simple steps.

However, if it’s the first try, we would suggest taking assistance from a professional heating contractor as gas line related works might cause dangerous consequences.

Check Before You Begin!

Before starting the process of hooking up the 2 burner gas grill, a homemaker must ensure a safe gas extension with fixed coupling. If he wants to set up the grilling machine in the backyard, he must hire a technician to install a gas line extension there.

While purchasing the grill, the homemaker must check if natural gas is suitable for it. Also, he must keep essential equipment like – hose & connecting adapters close by before starting the process.

Be cautious while working and read the manual carefully to be on the safe side. Most manufacturers, as well as weber, provide their support number with the manual for urgent assistance.

How do you install a natural gas grill line?

Check five steps for gas grill line installation, and you are good to go!

Determine a spot to tap the gas line: 

At the very beginning, a technician will look for an existing gas line to tap so that he can send gas to the outdoors by running the line.

Set up a T-fitting: 

After finding the spot, the service provider will install at-fitting by using pipe dope/ Teflon tape. Professionals use this tape to ensure an airtight connection for tapping into the gas line.

Run the line to the outdoor cooking spot:

Once done with tapping, he is supposed to extend the line through the wall by multiple pipes and terminate the line at “stub-out”.

 Set up a gas valve: 

There should be a gas valve at the terminal of the gas grill line to maintain proper safety. The service person will definitely use Teflon tape for an airtight connection.

Go for the last inspection: 

After installing the gas line, an inspector might come to recheck the whole thing. Arranging for an official inspection is necessary for 100% safety.

Three Steps to How to Connect a Weber Natural Small Gas Grill to Your Gas Line!

Let’s go through three easy steps to grab a decent idea on natural gas grill hook up now!

Turn Off Your Main Gas Valve:

  • A technician must turn off the gas valves before attaching hoses to the system.
  • Wrench is the best tool to adjust gas valves.

Install a Hose on the Coupling:

  • There should be an external coupling on the wall to install a gas grill. If the homemaker doesn’t have any installed coupling beforehand, he will need to call service providers for assistance & troubleshooting.
  • After enclosing the coupling, quickly connect the hose and gas grill to finish the setup.
  • Never forget to read the manual as different brands might have additional requirements.

Look for Leaks:

  • After setting up the whole system, the homeowner must recheck it with caution. A single mistake might end up in a massive accident.
  • He needs to sponge all adapters with soapy water in between the grill and coupling for self-inspection before cooking.
  • If there is any leakage, the natural gas will create bubbles around the adapters once he turns on the gas valve.
  • In such consequences, it would be best to call professionals & replace the hose.


Can I hook up my own natural gas grill?

Yes, you can if only you have the proper experience. Else we will recommend contacting local technicians or professional heat contractors to install a natural gas grill safely. That’s because a mistake while working with gas may cause a terrible disaster.

Go for it if you have sufficient experience and confidence. However, inspection of the gas grill line after installation is a must.

Is a regulator needed for a natural gas grill?

Yes, the natural gas grill undoubtedly needs a regulator to maintain the gas pressure reaching the grill. This device is almost the same as a cooking stove or burner. So, to operate it properly, using a regulator is essential.

How much does it cost to run a natural gas line to my grill?  

According to home advisors, hooking up a natural gas grill will cost at least $200. If a homeowner is up for high-quality installation, he has to spend $800 or more. This whole process includes running the gas line as well as hooking up the grill.

Final Words:

Who doesn’t wanna pass their weekend with grilled chickens, fish or steak while spending time with family/friends? Natural gas grills can be an incredible tool if you are a fan of grilled foods, as I am. However, things might get tricky when it comes to natural gas grill hook up for cooking. In order to assist beginners a bit, we have described the whole process of hooking up the gas grill thoroughly. So, hurry up & take the first step to connect the gas grill with the gas line under a professional’s supervision. Enjoy!