What is a utility knife used for in the kitchen?

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A utility knife is an amazing addition to the kitchen. Along with performing an important role in the cooking preparation, it’s also useful to do paper cutting type jobs. But, what is a utility knife used for in the kitchen?

In the kitchen, there are several types of knives for different uses. Proper use of a utility knife can give you relief from using heavy knives for long-term kitchen use. This knife will make your task easier than accepted.

This article is going to cover the utility knife used in the kitchen. Moreover, we will know how to use them efficiently and easily. Let’s get started.

What is a utility knife used for in the kitchen?

Suppose you have a paring knife and a popular chef’s knife to complete your kitchen and other works. One Day you are trying to slice a piece of meat through both of your existing knives, one after another. But they are not suited to do that job properly. Now in this situation, you need a qualified middle knife that is small but contains professional designs and cutting to do the job easily.

This tool is a utility knife. A utility knife contains a 4″ to 7″ lengthy blade which is professionally sharpened. It is shaped and manufactured like a common knife but with intentional finishing to make it easier to use at complex tasks.

A utility knife can be used for several works because of its minimalism. While you have a small kitchen space, it’s very dangerous to have several knives in a narrow place. So you can have a utility knife which will be affected for both kitchen and casual uses. The sharp edges of the blade let you penetrate meats, vegs, and anything. Its lightweight material is one of the most considerable things for its versatile use.

Kitchen Utility Knife Uses

There are no such restrictions or regulations that you have to follow while using a utility knife. This knife can be used from any position to complete jobs. The most common thing that you have to maintain is safety. In this case, you have to be extra concerned while cutting anything. Because of its sharpness, it can cause serious accidents because of neglect.

Let’s see what kind of kitchen work you can handle with this admirable knife,

knife for vegetables 

Cutting vegetables with a paring knife is normal. But if you have to cut vegetables to an accepted shape firstly, use a utility knife here. You can cut vegetables that need to be medium-sized before cooking such as, chili, potato, pear, tomato, etc. It’s also easy to slice those fruits that need to be sliced to eat such as, apple, dragon-fruit, guava, watermelon, etc.

Slice Hard Cheeses

If you are looking for a knife that you can use to slice cheeses without spoiling them, a utility knife is effective for this job. It’s capable of cutting hard or soft cheese into slices. Because of being lightweight and stainless steel-made, it’s more comfortable to use than normal knives.

Slicing meat

You can use a chopper to chop the meat, but that’s not as effective as slicing the meat into thin pieces. Its sharpened blades with thin edges slice the meat smoothly. Additionally, you get extra support from the length of the knife to handle it into the meat. Every kind of meat, such as beef, lamb, mutton, turkey, chicken, etc., can be sliced and prepared to cook delicious dishes.

Steak Knife

A steak knife is another form of a utility knife but small in size. If you are not interested or have no space in the kitchen to keep a set of steak knives, a utility knife is the best addition to making your kitchen all in one. The knife’s blade is lengthy and has a straight edge that is effective in cutting the steaks.

Trim Chicken or Fish

While you don’t want to eat the extra fat that stays over the meat of the chicken and fishes, you can trim them using this knife. Place the chicken or a part of it over a chopping board and locate the excess skin and fat that needs to be trimmed. Use the utility knife and trim those adhering things on the raw meat.

Sandwich Knife

To cut sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers, and similar fast foods, you would need a sharp and thin-shaped knife. Those mentioned foods contain meats with bones, vegetables, which can cut easily through this utility knife. Through this, you’ll get rid of washing so many tools hereafter.

Chopping vegetable knife

You can chop vegetables and slice them to use at your dishes with this extra lengthy and versatile knife blade. Chop cucumber, potato-like vegetables, or cut onion, garlic into thinner slices easily with this allrounder knife. Instead of chopping vegetable knives, a utility knife is more efficient than kitchen appliances.


1. Do I Really Need a Utility Knife In My Kitchen?

Most people use utility knives in their kitchen instead of using paring knives. Because of the lightweight, minimal, and sharp manufacturing, this knife is much more than having several knives in the kitchen. Considering its versatility and efficiency, you really need a utility knife in your kitchen.

2. What is the difference between a paring knife and a utility knife?

Paring knives are regular knives with less sharpness; not very suitable to cut anything in the kitchen. Also, it’s shorter than a utility knife. Its straight blade has a thin edge, and it’s different from a paring knife.

3. How long should a utility knife be?

A utility knife is bigger than a paring knife and smaller than a professional chef’s knife. Generally, utility knives are manufactured around 4 inches to 9 inches in length.

Utility Knife Summary

A minimal designed and sharp knife can fulfill your desired works at a time. Cutting sized vegetables, slice meats and cheeses, or trim meats can be done easily with this all-in-one knife. Its sharpened blades and edges are more efficient than normal knives.

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