What Is End Grain Cutting Board: An Essential Discussion

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Cutting boards have become part and parcel of our kitchen thanks to their various practical and creative uses. It makes your meat, fish, and veggies preparation easy and effortless. And the cutting boards are available in different materials, but nothing comes close to the performance and durability of a wooden cutting board.

It has, likewise, all wood furniture, end grain, or edge grain properties. So, what is end grain cutting board? And what is its benefit in your kitchen?

In short, the end grain cutting board refers to the grain that you will see when the tree was cut directly across the growth rings. These are often cut at an angle of 90-degree. As your knife will cut across the wood fiber, it will hold up to its sharpness more.

What Is End Grain Cutting Board

First off, let’s clarify the definition of the end grain of a tree. It would help you understand the end grain cutting board better and faster.

The end grain of the wood fiber is found across its growth rings. In long-grain, people will often cut the tree with the plunk length. But this is not the case with the end grain. The wood is cut across a 90-degree angle of the fiber to expose the end grain.

End grain cuts are the most popular among all woodcuts and the preference of all. It is because the end grain comes with unique properties. First off, end grain is highly durable. Secondly, end grain exposes the wood aesthetics, color and looks better than any other cuts.

So, now put it with the cutting board.

When a wood cutting board is made using multiple pieces of wood stocks having end grain cut, it is called the end grain cutting board. The cutting board will need multiple wood pieces because it will use only the wood grain at its end, not at its length.

The end grain blocks come with several benefits. The list includes-

  1. The grain of these blocks is in multiple directions instead of one uniform direction. It brings the aesthetic more than any other cuts on the wood grain.
  2. The boards made from end grains are thicker because of their fiber properties. It helps you prepare sturdy furniture with improved durability.
  3. These blocks are resistive to warping due to pressure and heat. So, the boards and furniture made of end grain wood blocks are durable and warping-resistant.
  4. End grain blocks with warping resistance are more suitable for chopping and cutting. It, thus, will help you better in cutting necessities.
  5. The edge grain and fresh grain-made blocks are prone to gouge. Gouge refers to the fiber of the block swelling away during the cuts. The end grain of the block doesn’t gouge, and so it pulls truly together after each cuts to ensure durability.
  6. The end grain works easy on the cutting knives. It doesn’t show any resistance to the edge of the knives. So, you will find that the sharpness of the knife more durable.
  7. Many blocks with grains at the middle or edges make the knife prone to slipping. It worsens the cutting quality and improves the possibility of accidents. The end grain relieves the knife from such hazards.

Although end grain comes with these incredible benefits, it is not free from setbacks. The disadvantages include-

  1. The woodblocks with end grain need seasoning and conditioning. You will have to ensure the seasoning of the end grain blocks to help them being usable. Otherwise, it will not last and may catch damages soon.
  2. The end grain blocks are the most expensive of all woodcuts. So, you have to spend a hefty amount on it.

Should You Buy the Cutting Boards with End Grains?

So, here comes the all-important question. Should you really spend over an end grain cutting board for your kitchen?

The answer is- ABSOLUTELY YES.

The boards with the thickened surface will hold up to the cutting material better. Also, it takes the toll of the knives better and provides durable service. Furthermore, its properties will help to enhance the knife sharpness better.

So, you won’t have to sharpen the knife edge soon. Also, the seasoning might be a bit tedious, but it’s worth the effort as it enhances cutting efficiency too.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. Which wood is used to manufacture end grain wood cutting boards?

Manufacturers will use hardwood such as walnut, maple, birch, and oak to produce the end grain cutting boards. These hardwoods are the strongest fiber.

  1. Which is better for cutting board among end grain and edge grain?

Edge grain cutting boards help you prepare and cut food ingredients better. But it reduces the knife sharpness. The end grain slightly setback in the cutting facility bot holds the knife sharpness better.


What is end grain cutting board? It refers to the cutting boards made from the end grain woodblocks. It makes the cutting board aesthetic and provides long-lasting durability. The board won’t get damaged soon and help you in keeping the knife sharper for a prolonged time. It will make your cooking fun and joyous too.

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